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wazzel2u t1_j6qr6xx wrote

At 26%. flipping a coin for a "yes-no" decision is a better predictor.


WTFRhino t1_j6rj0qk wrote

Per the article. The 26% is the chance an AI piece is labeled "very likely AI". So they can catch out over 1 in 4 pieces generated by AI. The majority of AI writing doesn't get caught, but this also means the vast majority (>99%) of non-AI work doesn't get labeled AI.

In the context of academic work. Universities are at very little risk of accusing a non-cheater of cheating. The 1in4 catch rate while low is a huge deterrent for potential cheaters. If I knew that I had a 1/4 chance of getting caught and punished, I would not cheat. Especially as i had to submit dozens of papers as part of my degree.


Badboyrune t1_j6rbq4l wrote

If you just assume the opposite of the prediction wouldn't you have a 74% chance of detection?