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staticbrain t1_j9j3u8o wrote

Google is the threat to google. They don't even try anymore. They are falling like yahoo did back in the day. The search results are nothing but ads.


Wide-Impact-2110 t1_j9m0fdm wrote

Google Results have stopped being relevant for quite some time and I have found myself using it less and less.

A few days ago I was looking for a specific population statistics, I just asked ChatGPT and it gave me the answer + the link to the original source material.

Google is really in big trouble. I’m fed up with trying to get through ads and shitty websites that managed to game the search engine algorithms.


RawScallop t1_j9mz6eb wrote

For the longest time now I feel like I just can't find what I'm looking for anymore on google because it's all promoted crap that crashes my computer. I thought I was just getting bitter and maybe forgot how to look things up, because I can't find SHIT anymore.


Wide-Impact-2110 t1_j9n9d2i wrote

You’re not the only one. I keep asking myself if my Google skills have turned to shit. The reality is that it’s Google that turned to shit. I see myself using DDG and even stuff like Yandex. I would not have even considered it a few years back


Acceptable_Reading21 t1_j9jce3x wrote

If people stop using Google search I expect ads on Android to get even worse to make up for lost revenue.


pseudorandomess t1_j9jlc39 wrote

What are the ads on Android?


Acceptable_Reading21 t1_j9jlpz4 wrote

Just the ones that pop up in my notifications from various apps. Although I'll admit it's not as bad with android 13 keeping notifications off my default.


HotelKarma t1_j9jn5bi wrote

Just block notifications or uninstall those apps. Androids not profiting from that


supamario132 t1_j9kivgj wrote

Not an android experience but I used to have a phone that would occasionally show me notification ads for apps I don't have installed. Verizon pushed those ads from an app that I couldn't uninstall without jailbreaking my phone


HotelKarma t1_j9kys7s wrote

You couldn't disable notifications or disable the app?


gvilchis23 t1_j9l21vw wrote

Those are not ads, neither is google send it them, is push notifications from other companies, probably your carrier


Figure-Feisty t1_j9l916l wrote

why are they downvoting you? Notifications off is a feature in most phones.


Apart_Ad_5993 t1_j9lu709 wrote

You're blaming Android for that? Not the apps you installed?

Android/Google developed custom notification actions to deal with that.


kthegee t1_j9mx499 wrote

Yes have a look at the so called “privacy sandbox” they are introducing . Companies like Facebook can now track you across apps.


Apart_Ad_5993 t1_j9n23by wrote

Facebook can track you wherever you are, and whatever you use. It's not an Android problem.

If you have a problem with Facebook tracking, then don't use it.


kthegee t1_j9nk71l wrote

I don’t use it and this is a android problem “privacy sandbox” is anything else , in the past you would have to install there spyware onto your phone to be spied on. Now any app can contain spyware bundles to run at a system level and collect user data from beyond just the app but from all apps installed on your device.


kthegee t1_j9mwzrl wrote

Google android’s new “privacy sandbox” it’s already happened , now Facebook can track you across apps and google served it to them on a golden platter.


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9ks7zw wrote

It’s kind of like Blockbuster. They had it on lockdown but was unable to innovate and then got left behind. From what I hear, Google have tons of good ideas but don’t commit to the stuff that matters. I’m interested to see if the ‘too big to fail’ idea applies.


Pickled_Sloth t1_j9muyy4 wrote

Outside of search, maps, email, chrome, and….. uhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Wait, have they even done anything noteworthy in the past 10 years?


maqbeq t1_j9nj850 wrote



ruralgaming t1_j9npr0n wrote

Android was created in 2003. Google bought it up in 2005. It was initially supposed to be an OS for digital cameras, oddly enough


carminemangione t1_j9ngoe9 wrote

I have to agree. One thing to note, Gates is not a visionary. He is a ruthless business man who leveraged his position (given a monopoly by IBM because his mom and dad had connections). He missed networks (said sneaker net was enough) he thought he could monetize emails because they 'passed' through his servers, thought the internet would never work because everyone would want to use MSN.

I believe that the only reason the internet exists is because MS was convicted of conspiracy and antitrust violations during the Clinton admin. This prevented them from forcing the crap tech IE down peoples throats.

No one should listen to him. He is a parasite who never contributed anything but drag on the advancement of technology. Hell, he bought the original DOS from Tim Patterson for 45K (his mother's money).

The companies he destroyed are legion; Stack, DBase, Sybase (I was there when they locked the Sybase people out because MS stole their code).

They tried to eliminate Java and all non MS web technologies. ActiveX was a shit show, I wrote an entire journal about it I(please inquire if interested).

Gates is much like Edison. A parasite who exploits the accomplishments of others and claims them as his own.

I want this old man to just go away.


staticbrain t1_j9ngwal wrote

Would love to see the journal about the ActiveX stuff.


carminemangione t1_j9no8ix wrote

I have a copy in my library, let me check.

Directions on Microsoft, by Redmond Communications June 1996.

ActiveX: Microsoft's Internet Client Development Strategy

It was highly controversial as it was hyper critical of the strategy. Basically, activeX was exposing raw C++ pointers to the internet (the basis of COM). My boss thought it would cause problems with Microsoft but it was the highest selling copy mostly to groups in microsoft.

Don't know if you can find that one... although the follow on on Microsoft's Java strategy the next month is also quite enlightening.


Starfish_Symphony t1_j9l2ezr wrote

I use google mostly as a 21st century version of "the Yellow Pages" -and it's about as effective as a firkin' Val-Pak as it is.


chikinstrips t1_j9k9z6l wrote

I don't know who owns Ecosia, but they get all of my dumb questions first because they plant trees because of it. If Google did something like this that gave anything back I think they'd find more support, but instead they Google it up and play the "make short term investors happy" game which will never go well.


RawScallop t1_j9mzhwb wrote

It's like something great is made, it's sold to someone willing to pay a lot for it, those people then do everything possible to squeeze ALL the profit and assets it has to offer and accrued. Everyone gets laid off so they dont hav to be paid, and the company seems to just be ran into the ground as long as the people who bought it were able to basically liquidating it.

its like, they see a really awesome, popular thing,and they take it and turn it to cash for them and ruin it for everyone, and then wait to do it again elsewhere.


vanhalenbr t1_j9kr7ks wrote

But this is the problem. If the AI gives you the result you want you will not click on ads. Google by design put payed results on top to be confusing and users click on ads.


[deleted] t1_j9nc5t0 wrote



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Rook22Ti t1_j9mc8hp wrote

Y'all not using uBlock or AdGuard? Even Brave or Vivaldi block them on mobile. Google search is turning to shit but I haven't seen a real ad from them in years.


staticbrain t1_j9md1lv wrote

If you need to use a secondary provider to stop something, it is a trash service to start with.


Rook22Ti t1_j9mefxm wrote

Sure, and as I said, their search engine is going to shit. But I would say that like 90% of the internet is unbearable without an ad blocker. It's startling that a lot of people on r/technology aren't using them, based on this thread.


peepeedog t1_j9j7q9u wrote

Let’s ask someone who has no financial interest in the question, like Bill Gates, or Bing directly.


[deleted] t1_j9nsf28 wrote

Obviously, the Microsoft clan is biased.

But, they are also the biggest competitor.

So their opinion matters.


[deleted] t1_j9j7u9g wrote



SweetTeef t1_j9jx3jr wrote

You're getting down voted because it's obvious and the person you responded to was being sarcastic.


Casey0923 t1_j9k9sxu wrote

You’re getting downvoted because his comment was clearly sarcastic.


_tHeMachinist_ t1_j9jk4hg wrote

wow, microsoft cofounders wet dream is, that the search engine of his former company nobody on the planet has been using for the past 20 years would finally have some actual impact on the market and put a dent into google. who would have thought.

seriously... why even bother posting this?


Thebadmamajama t1_j9k7872 wrote

It's BS PR. Bing literally is gaslighting people and chatgpt objectively doesn't get you answers you can trust. I really tried, but it's useless as a search engine.

This is entirely for a wall street narrative.


dicksfiend t1_j9ksjlh wrote

Honestly I see this so much but for coding , chatgpt has been a huge help. Obviously you can’t ask it to write code from scratch but if you give it the resources and info to work with and guide it through with specific instructions , it’s a fucking god send , the specific instructions part is important , you need to pre define what you want your variables as , explain exactly what your intended functionality is and 90% of the time it will work with me to create what I need


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9ku522 wrote

I might be bad at gpt’ing but I actually find it simpler to do it myself rather than explain all the logic behind the existing code to get the answer I need!


Nedshent t1_j9ljl08 wrote

I thinks it's mainly good at making toy things in JS and Python. That is most code unfortunately though and a lot of devs are in for a rude shock when the demand for their work plummets. It's like how people were surprised that AI came for artists first. Your bread and butter art jobs don't require much creativity and similarly your bread and butter coding jobs don't require much engineering.


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9ln9td wrote

Interesting take although I wouldn’t put art generation and software development in the same category.


Nedshent t1_j9lsrid wrote

I didn't really, only in the sense that the 'human' element required for both sectors is overblown in both. I've been writing software for a long time now so I am happy to make that claim for software, and the art one is becoming quite evident.


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9ltvel wrote

Fair enough :) I’m a software engineer and disagree about what I am presuming you’re saying is our obsolescence? I have only been employed as a software engineer for a year and a half so you’re more likely to be right than me! I’m really looking forward to what the future brings but I see our jobs evolving and not dissolving


Nedshent t1_j9m2840 wrote

I'd never use language as strong as obsolescence, I think that software engineering roles will be some of the last to go. A lot of the work people do in web development will be fairly quick to go though, and it will go the same way us as software engineers reduce the need for labour in other sectors. For most roles it won't be one fell swoop where a machine replaces you 1:1, it will be enhanced efficiency that means you need less engineers for the same job. I don't think it will be very long before most front end jobs will be replaced by UX/UI people that can input their desires into the tools they already use and the code is then generated for them. For backend jobs, your basic API development that is pulling data from a DB will also dry up. For web development I think it's a good bet to get into roles where you are generating insights into the data your org works with. There will also be integration work that lasts a lot longer than the two easy wins I mentioned.

At the end of your day, we'll still be very necessary, but the job market will become a lot more competitive as the number of engineers required is reduced.


el1teman t1_j9noa8x wrote

I'm learning software development, what would you recommend to get into to have some what safer future in terms of job security?


Nedshent t1_j9nwin7 wrote

Take everything I say with a huge grain of salt and do a good amount of your own research, but my advice would be to just take a holistic approach if you want to enter web development. Learn the full stack including what the cloud providers offer. If you're still in school I recommend picking up some networking and also some more mathematics classes if you can. Developing an intuitive understanding of what the different cloud providers offer before you even touch them will be a boon to your career. Don't get trapped being 'DevOps', but absolutely be able to do the job of a DevOps person, deploy your personal projects into Azure, AWS or GCP. Also get some experience in setting up your own CI/CD pipelines. I'm not sure how they're teaching things in school now days, but learn the difference between imperative and declarative code and aim for declarative, web development is moving toward FP and getting a head start on that paradigm while you're learning will help you hit the ground running with modern JS codebases and component based front end frameworks. I can't go into too much detail here but it's important to understand how declarative code and immutable data in a FP paradigm relates to parallel cloud computing, but also understand that you're not likely to get a job utilizing those skills as a graduate. These are just things to keep in mind while you cut your teeth as a full stack developer, and also don't be scared, there is still a great deal of time to be able to cut your teeth as a full stack dev.

The biggest take away is to just work on your fundamentals and become a great engineer, don't get caught up thinking that a certain tech stack is your ticket to continued employment. This will set you up to be able to transition into roles as the industry continues to evolve even if all of my assumptions here are wrong.


el1teman t1_j9nzmvs wrote

Thanks for the detailed reply

I am still wiggling which exact route for my career to take but as you said is work on fundamentals and become a great engineer. If I can be one then I can easily learn new technologies and adapt to the current market/needs


Thebadmamajama t1_j9kta95 wrote

Right. For code I think it's ok if 90% is accurate, and you can clean it up. Something secondary has to compile it and verify it does what you intended.

No such secondary check exists for transferring knowledge. It goes into someone's brain and the accept it as fact, or decide to research it and realize it's wrong. That's fundamentally unhelpful.


absalom86 t1_j9nhbqy wrote

It saves so much time when coding, it's a staple for me already. It will for sure cut into google searches and stack overflow visits.


i0unothing t1_j9ltguh wrote

Bing Chat gives answers I trust. Because it links and references multiple sources for every sentence.

Im done wading through Google for 15 mins with SEO spam sites that are ads dressed up as articles only to end up searching through forums, Reddit or stackoverflow because the former is untrustworthy.

Instead, now I can just get Bing chat to aggregate what's important in less then a couple of seconds and it's got source and links for me to check.


Farker99 t1_j9mraiz wrote

just wait until the folks over at /r/juststart figure out how to game the system to have chatGPT link to their shoddy site written by some unqualified ghostwriter in Asia so that you can see their ads and affiliate links.


flying_piggies t1_j9lenau wrote

Not entirely disagreeing with you. But these language models are still new to being used for these purposes, and the most popular one rn was trained of information that’s a few years old.

I think with time not only will the training for responses improve, but equally important, people will improve with the prompts they write. It is quite possible to that these language models improve beyond modern day search. Especially since modern day search, seems to have gotten worse over the past decade.


easyjimi1974 t1_j9jjr2t wrote

Google's search engine has been vulnerable to a new entrant for a while - search results are getting worse, platform is clearly not as good as it used to be. Paid results dominate. It's a bad system waiting for a new entrant to knock it off its pedestal. If someone can actually nail contextualized search (not links, but answers with links as references included) I personally think that'll be the end of that model. ChatGPT is an early instance that shows it might become possible to actually do that in the near term.


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9kud0i wrote

I remember at one point, the first page of results was good, the second was okay, third was meh and the rest were not remotely relevant. Now it’s first page is okay, and the rest are completely irrelevant.

Edit: and half of the first page is basically sponsored ads!


The-Initiative t1_j9n1uz1 wrote

And half those paid ads don’t match the search results because google screws the natural results.

Meaning sometimes the ads are more relevant for what you are searching for than Google’s serps.


RFJobs t1_j9l8qy1 wrote

It was bound to happen. Those with the most money can basically push the information you want down into oblivion.

The first quarter of results are ads or a single sites sitemap of just their login and about page, or Google's own products.

If someone were to monetize ChatGPT or some variation it will devolve the same way. You have to make money somehow.

I can imagine mid sentence chatgpt saying this content brought you on TV.


plague042 t1_j9joeir wrote

> It's a bad system waiting for a new entrant to knock it off its pedestal

cough Duckduckgo cough


easyjimi1974 t1_j9jrb9x wrote

🤣 good point. Duckduckgo is much better for search results. But likely not better enough to unseat Google ad the king of search in the general market.


BassDrive t1_j9jzr7j wrote

Doesn't DuckDuckGo use Bing as its search index?


Extension_Bat_4945 t1_j9jnh2n wrote

As long as chatGPT doesn't show it's source, Google is still the best and most popular search engine returning sources that can be validated.

If Microsoft can come up with a stronger search engine and include GPT3/4 with sources, it can definitely challenge Googles position.


i0unothing t1_j9luvhd wrote

What you described is already released, It's called Bing Chat. Join the waitlist.


Extension_Bat_4945 t1_j9lv8p5 wrote

Just saw it, looks great actually


KingJTheG t1_j9mv0vz wrote

It’s pretty lit even if it’s been lobotomized. Way more useful than Google for most searches honestly


JoeDawson8 t1_j9jqb8s wrote

I switched to DDG due to constant captchas on google behind my VPN. I mean, I use the VPN for privacy. I’m not going to be inconvenienced so Google can also steal my data.


SVZ0zAflBhUXXyKrF5AV t1_j9l0df8 wrote

I'm not fond of the phrase "the AI will know you so well".

I know that to many people such a system would be a convenience working transparently particularly if they aren't quite sure what they're searching for or how to optimally phrase the query, but personally I really don't like them gathering that much data and tracking me that they know me that well.

I realise it's already basically unavoidable, but knowing how they use the data and why they collect it, along with how they track and target people, it doesn't reassure me.


okcrumpet t1_j9muc0s wrote

But my source is usually some Indian dude on Quora…


rcanhestro t1_j9pu8f4 wrote

bing chatgpt always (at least for me) displays multiples sources when i ask something.


freediverx01 t1_j9jqza0 wrote

Stop quoting Bill Gates as if he’s some sort of humanitarian visionary.


distracted_85 t1_j9jq715 wrote

Probably why they are not so eager in implementing it themselves if it disrupts their entire revenue model...


tempo1139 t1_j9ld2fb wrote

no.... results turnign up[ on page 2 when you were VERY specific, witht he front page fille dwith ads etc is what is killing googles search engine.

I changed my default to BING last month cause I am so sick of the crappy results.

The real deal breaker was enter a pages actual title and the full website name... #1 result on BING, not at all on google

and for those reasons I fully intend to try ChatAI as a replacement for search engines. That or back to Hotbot lol


akaBigWurm t1_j9lv0xe wrote

Seems like the google is too hard for kids these days, they just go on Social Media and ask the question now.


pinkynatbust t1_j9lv4c4 wrote

Now, people can finally see why AI is such a threat. Results without human greed and intent behind em.


Theblackroze t1_j9jhlhi wrote

I mean, google is hot garbage. Google is a billboard for the entrance to the internet. Look at these ads before entering the internet. That is the single most toxic pattern anyone can encounter. People pay things so they don’t have to deal with ads, as blockers exist because people hate ads. Ads are invasive and noisy to the internet . I get people have to make a living but it is so annoying having pop ups and BS thrown at you when you’re just trying to find a recipe or figure out what to do or where to take your sick child , or just watch a clip of Ohio getting poisoned more than it currently does.

They also track the piss out of you across the internet to shove ads in your face, based on what you search and click on .

Can’t even use a VPN with google because that stupid captcha thing, plus if you do it enough you’re stuck in an infinite cycle of captcha .

Not saying Bing is any better … I am saying that there needs to be a better solution for this problem. Ads are needed for businesses to grow. I get that but there isn’t a need to be cancerous about it


fisherbeam t1_j9jjtzo wrote

Now who will arrange the searches listings that are most profitable to their advertisers!?!


2MUCHmoisture t1_j9jm8ef wrote

“Oh no :( let me play you a song on the world’s smallest violin.”


sandbubba t1_j9jtae4 wrote

One can only hope.


Sharp-Return3036 t1_j9jwgfd wrote

it might be a good thing though it seems google has gone downhill a bit of late with that. also do NOT rely on "reviews" in google shopping . a few years back i saw a deal on there for a lens i wanted and ordered it only to turn out that they needed me to call back for "more information" first which seemed to be fishy to me more so that they didnt seem to have a physical location. thankfully i got my money back but was a shopper that had "good" google shopping reviews too.


DFWPunk t1_j9jxc0i wrote

The horrible results of Google's search engine results pose a greater threat to their profit.


Business_System3319 t1_j9k519z wrote

I’m not impressed by chatgpts search ability….


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9kuqu2 wrote

I find it quite useful when I’m coding and I don’t know if something is possible. I just type in ‘is it possible to do x, and if so how?’

Saves me reading through a lot of bs on the web


Business_System3319 t1_j9kv8ft wrote

It is good for coding I will admit


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9kw7nf wrote

Yeah it’s good for when there is something on the internet that solves your answer, but it’s like a needle in a haystack to find. You don’t have to concern yourself with phrasing it just right and scouring stack overflow. I think the power is not just in its webscraping abilities, but for it to estimate what you mean by your question to a ridiculous degree of certainty. It’s very rare that it misunderstands my question even when I am 99% sure I sound confusing


Business_System3319 t1_j9ky4uk wrote

I agree with this assessment I guess I had unrealistic expectations. I’m invested in a company that does medical research it does well for equations, bad with nuances. Stuff that needs new research to be done it’s frustrating but I think I just need to pay for the paid version


samyoualljaxuhn t1_j9kyozz wrote

Completely agree about the nuance element. I’m pretty sure that if you spent the time to explicitly state all the nuances and dependencies of a given task before asking how to do it, you’d get somewhat of a relevant response. I don’t know. If you have complex work then it requires complex prompting and I’d rather just do it myself!

I don’t need a taxi driver, I’m just happy with someone to help me navigate now and again


Nyrin t1_j9noued wrote

I'm not impressed by my toaster's computational capacity, either.

ChatGPT isn't meant to replace search by itself.

> ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, and it can occasionally produce incorrect answers. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 and may also occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.

Using a magic language model like this together with a search index, though, has a lot of potential. Which is not so coincidentally exactly what the Bing thing is working towards.


evilblade t1_j9k5i48 wrote

Good that Nancy sold them shares.


hayden_evans t1_j9kacto wrote

I mean, their own demo of the AI they are working on failed and whacked a ton off their market cap, so I guess he’s not entirely wrong 🤣


MpVpRb t1_j9kibck wrote

Actually giving people what they are looking for instead of what the advertisers or SEOsters push will be good for people and bad for profit


Zaexyr t1_j9km2zw wrote

Oh no!



GemmaHiles t1_j9kmqnr wrote

In its original form, Bing AI could have posed a threat to Google.

In its current form, it doesn't even pose a threat to DuckDuckGo.


billdietrich1 t1_j9kova7 wrote

I thought much of the value was in the crawler behind the search, not the search (page) itself. I see no reason to think that Google's AI on top of Google's crawler won't be dominant.


cala_s t1_j9l5vvw wrote

Google is an asleep-at-the-wheel monopoly. I know so many people that have gone there for $400K+ salaries and do nothing pretty much every day.


sids99 t1_j9l92pu wrote

Huh, isn't ChatGPS associated with Microsoft and Bing? Of course he would say this.


E_Snap t1_j9la5gw wrote

Think about it— the first thing you when you Google something is often to Google what people have said about it on Reddit. Being able to sum up a few webpages worth of knowledge into an AI-generated quip or essay is going to huuuuge, since now you won’t have to hope another human has already digested the material and posted it on Reddit.


AdAppropriate7669 t1_j9lismc wrote

I would say the risk is the concentration of information in a single bot


trtlclb t1_j9m5kif wrote

The first one to synergistically integrate AI into their search platform (read: without destroying their ad revenue stream) will be the winner


Slider_0f_Elay t1_j9mhb63 wrote

How much of googles profits are from search engine?


hccm t1_j9n0dgo wrote

Seriously, I'm not sure Bill Gates has any more credibility on this than the second junior assistant night manager down at the local Taco Bell.


BTnonstop t1_j9n53ao wrote

Also a potential threat to a lot more than that


smc11b t1_j9nj40z wrote

Who gives a fuck about Gates ideas. Uber rich mf’r that hasn’t really been relevant since 1983. Money and exposure doesn’t mean shit. Your OS won? Doesn’t make you an expert on anything else outside of poor support and getting rich from worldwide monopoly.


ruralgaming t1_j9npjf3 wrote

Good. I hope Google crashes


CrackHead52 t1_j9nwgs2 wrote

Fuck Google and fuck fucking Gates.


[deleted] t1_j9o3sma wrote

Google made a massive wrong turn years ago. Surprised no one jumped in already but the reality is that it was a shitty Microsoft program that made it happen in the first instance. Why hasn’t he done something about it himself?


cdtoad t1_j9j4lbz wrote

Zero click answers.. sure... Also in danger... SEO agencies, marketing and PR people... I believe someone once summed these jobs up as bullshit jobs.


pnade t1_j9k822j wrote

Nice job pumping your stock there Billy Boi!! 😂


eliota1 t1_j9kae87 wrote

Waiting for the head of Google (Alphabet) to say that Microsoft is hurting itself financially by investing in a fad.


QuestionableAI t1_j9kddao wrote

So glad he's focused on the really big issues ... fucking fuckwad.


Fisterupper t1_j9j6eqm wrote

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates should STFU.