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letmegoogledatforyou t1_ja3zuae wrote

Version 2.0 BJ over the internet.


Scoobydoomed t1_ja44lxi wrote

Technically, one person could give simultaneous blowjobs to a whole bunch of dudes at the same time.


letmegoogledatforyou t1_ja45mcb wrote

One dude can give simultaneous bj to a whole bunch of dudes at the same time and you won't even know it is a dude.


VdomanFla t1_ja4j3xd wrote

Damn… I love this line of thoughts!


typesett t1_ja4xga4 wrote

What if AI simulated a blowjob based on hundreds of women as input data?

what is one of those inputs was a dude? Am I gay nao?


VdomanFla t1_ja4z3wt wrote

Explore your feelings Luke… It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy.


DrabDonut t1_ja56o7v wrote

Are you gay if you get a blowjob from a woman who’s gay best friend gave her tips on how to suck dick? And further, can a dick-sucking robot even have a gender identity?

I think the answer to both is no, but others may have a different philosophical lens through which they view the question.


Boaki t1_ja7d6od wrote

dang u just out here crushing ppls gay dreams