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M4err0w t1_ja83n2f wrote

ai search engines will kill the planet by needlessly wasting ressources just like crypto


theinvolvement t1_ja9d1et wrote

on the other hand, the demand for more computation power will fund the development of more efficient hardware.

With sufficient advancement, we'll be able to automate complex tasks like construction and mining in space.

If that works out, we'll be able to move some of our destructive industry off world where the pollution is not a factor.

In my opinion, we have no choice but to progress quickly before we get bogged down with the repercussions of our actions.


M4err0w t1_jac184o wrote

I hightly doubt that.

efficient hardware will develop exactly as fast as it can one way or another. this will just require more hardware, more extensive cooling, more co2 produced for what?

so that my grandma can finally pretend like it makes sense to ask google a literal whole sentence question?


theinvolvement t1_jadndcm wrote

What we get from all this is a chatbot that has an extremely broad knowledge base, and the ability to teach or show examples of that knowledge in writing or code.

You could ask it to write a program that illustrates the Pythagorean theorem graphically, and it would give you a python script that does just that.

It is a patient and highly educated teacher.


M4err0w t1_jae3wbm wrote

there's also already 500 videos doing the same thing.

it's not really worth the extra toll on our ressources right now. especially not while it's also still just making up answers and giving out wrong answers to questions