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damianTechPM t1_ja8vyko wrote

Think of all that yummy, delicious code protected by an NDA or otherwise private work that Microsoft now has access to, because a Google developer wanted ChatGPT to check their work?


Markavian t1_ja9g1h9 wrote

Microsoft own GitHub you know? They could legitimately look at code in every single private repo, describe it as maintenance or security/vulnerability scanning, and give the whole lot to the NSA for increased funding / political capital, and no one would blink an eye?


GarbageTheClown t1_ja8zmnq wrote

Very few people would be dumb enough to use chunks of random code that they don't know the copyright state of. If they did and the company they work for found out that they did it intentionally they would probably be fired.


damianTechPM t1_ja9bok0 wrote

That's just the thing - developers look for shortcuts (and my google-fu kicks ass as good as anyone else). Probably not thinking that code will now be in the public domain.