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Latin_For_King t1_j8yhigg wrote

Blue Origin has never made a single orbit of the planet yet. The guy has delusions of grandeur and no results yet. I say ignore Blue Origin until they have achieved SOMETHING. Barely breaking the Karman line and then falling immediately back down does not count as space flight in my book.


chetanaik OP t1_j8yjj23 wrote

It's like you didn't read the article. This has nothing to do with rockets.


ixid t1_j8yn8jj wrote

Are they going to get to the moon by flapping their arms?


kecuthbertson t1_j8z9t8v wrote

The joy with advancements like this is that they don't have to be the one to utilize it, if it proves to be a feasible option then maybe they can just license it to NASA who can then be the ones to actually use it.


chetanaik OP t1_j8zt01d wrote

How do astronauts get to space, smartass?

They hitch a ride on a rocket built by someone else.


Latin_For_King t1_j969esi wrote

I know that. Thank you. My point was that Blue Origin said they want to build solar panels on the moon, from the moon. They also said they wanted to build low earth orbit and deep space rockets... 15 years ago. The rocket thing is not making much progress for as long as they have been at it, so how do you think their solar cell project will go?


Carbidereaper t1_j8zebgo wrote

They got to the karman line and landed using a single stage rocket so they definitely have some talent The several engineers that designed the NASA DC-X delta clipper were hired by blue origin to design the new shepherd so it would be safe to say they have the expertise to pull it off


Latin_For_King t1_j95mbcj wrote

They have been at this about as long a Spacex. Now, I am not a Musk fanboy, but the results speak for themselves. Look at what Spacex has achieved and then try not to laugh as you compare that with Blue Origin.


Neutral-President t1_j8xla6v wrote

On the one hand, this is a really important development.

On the other hand, screw Bezos.


Demibolt t1_j9032eb wrote

We’ve been doing this for a bit


do_you_even_ship_bro t1_j8xvklv wrote

Cool. But it won’t be viable for 10+ years…


chetanaik OP t1_j8y75oy wrote

That's pretty much any new tech or industrial process though. Just a very critical step for a long-term and large scale moon base.


RobbieQuarantino t1_j8ydpm0 wrote

Oh damn why even bother then 🙄


do_you_even_ship_bro t1_j8yeccn wrote

Just pointing out that it will take a decade plus to get enough people and MFG capabilities on the moon before it’s easier then doing it on Earth and sending to the moon.