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gqreader t1_j9dkpz3 wrote

It’s called risk and reward. I’m sorry but a lot of tech workers were flexing so hard on their $250k- $500k total comps, but the base only made up less than half of the amount.

High income earners will never support your ideal of an equitable economic system. They benefit from it, as the upper middle class. Trust me, many in those roles think you’re dumb and deserve to be poor if you make minimum wage.

I had one person who IPOed with coinbase and was flexing on his multiple millions. Welp. It’s a few $100ks at most now.

Don’t fret for the folks who get paid in RSUs. They are closer to the 1% than anyone else. It’s just part of the business cycle. They’ll find another $300k job else where after their nice severance package of $100k is used up.

Fret for the folks who run the warehouses and have to piss in a bottle to make the KPIs. Those are who we need to focus on, improving their lives and conditions will lift everyone.

Source: I make a lot of money, have many friends in tech, see the income and lifestyle. Sadly also see the entitlement to the lifestyle and income. Real dose of reality just hit them.


ThePrince14 t1_j9dp6cm wrote

Ya all these people complaining have no clue how these sorts of compensation packages actually work.

If someone is dumb enough to think their yearly RSU compensation is set in stone and uses it in their budgeting/financial decision making, that’s on them. Everyone I know just lives off their base and counts bonuses/RSUs as an investment/gravy for the future.


Mec26 t1_j9exiku wrote

I’m an Amazon corp worker, I made 48k last year working full time.

I get paid in RSUs.


jaakers87 t1_j9g71ak wrote

Then you should have negotiated a different salary or not taken the job.

Taking an RSU heavy compensation package is a high risk/high reward situation. If you chose to accept that - that's 100% on you.

There wouldn't be anyone writing an article if Amazon stock doubled and your pay was 2x what you had projected. This is just how RSU's work.


Mec26 t1_j9g9ubv wrote

I didn’t negotiate salary at all or know what it was until I was working (internal transfer) and yes, I’m lioking for other jobs. Not that easy right now. I worked my way up from a temp worker taking calls for customer service to a corp worker.

Most of my pay isn’t in RSUs. I’m just pointing out that this isn’t just effecting the top peeps.


ScrimpleShrimp t1_j9e3wzh wrote

> many in those roles think you’re dumb and deserve to be poor.

I noticed this when I used Blind. Bunch of SWEs patting themselves on the back and mocking every other role. I don’t feel bad for those people losing money or jobs one little bit. They should have humbled themselves more.


Elliott2 t1_j9fc6rw wrote

half of them are not even SWE but rather overpaid programmers.


Jorycle t1_j9ehrwl wrote

>Sadly also see the entitlement to the lifestyle and income

So wait, you're basing all of this off of some hypothetical rich party bro who's just living up his super cool bonus package? That's really not the typical worker, even if this person does exist.

Plenty of people in these positions are just typical middle class folks. Almost all of the companies at this tier would actually pay me less than I make now, but they claim they'll make up for it with huge stock plans. I'm sure it's a great longer term deal, but I don't work there because I can't pay the bills with stock, especially stock that tends to roll in unvested.

Sure, they make more money than warehouse workers, but the existence of someone getting kicked in the pants harder than someone else doesn't mean they're not also getting kicked in the pants.


fwiw-info t1_j9f7ko7 wrote

Ya, from my experience, everyone I've worked with in tech is very humble, extremely nice, and just a normal person with incredible talent/drive. Nobody is living a crazy lifestyle. They just might have a nice house with nice things and go to other countries for vacation. They're not buying lambos or living in mansions.