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honey_rainbow t1_ja5hi6o wrote

At what point do we say AI has gone too far?


locri t1_ja5owrc wrote

I doubt it can, the issue is AI and the technology created by engineers has greatly outstripped an untrained person's ability to understand the tools that have been created. But there are just tools and like any tool absolutely requires an operator... If anything it's the operators going too far but not quite.

AI art seems to be an issue for people who want to idolise artists, not for artists themselves who by this stage should understand ideas beyond post modernism such as the expression or intent behind the art being more valuable than the outcome itself. IE, splatter paintings (postmodernism) have no value and neither does the hyper realistic neo romanticism that AI art seemingly excels at.


MilesGates t1_ja6exu9 wrote

A gun can be a tool, It's not as good of an excuse as you think.

AIs can be used for good or for evil, this person purposely misrepresented themselves. the simple fact is they used a tool to deceive others.


Foktu t1_ja5r8u9 wrote

If people are using it, winning with it, but lying about it, and therefore profiting...probably right now.


ElysiumSprouts t1_ja5mk92 wrote

When it takes more than pulling the battery and/or unplugging to turn it off.


ElementNumber6 t1_ja5psak wrote

Oh we're well past that point.

Post-downvote edit: Most just don't seem to see it yet.