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SinjiOnO t1_j6v87ww wrote

> Apprentice Bard

Sounds like a new Hearthstone mage card.

Jokes aside, this is a good development, competition benefits the consumer after all.


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bizarre_coincidence t1_j6w9qyl wrote

There is also the issue of accuracy. When they are trying to give you a webpage, the page may or may not be relevant or accurate, but it is someone else’s content. There isn’t any responsibility on their part to be correct. But if they are generating the answers, suddenly they are responsible for their validity. They might avoid legal culpability (maybe), but enough bad stories of people relying on the bot, not double checking the info, and getting screwed could tarnish google’s reputation. If chatGPT weren’t being used as a toy, being dismissed as “just a language model” whenever it generates harmful bullshit they is blatantly false, it could do a ton of harm. If google had a chat bot used in any official capacity, people would either take it much more seriously or they would have to essentially ignore it.

People rely on google,their AI assistant has to be much more accurate than chatGPT for it not to jeopardize that.


Karmadilla t1_j6vyzxd wrote

Sounds like they consulted Microsoft on the naming part.


1x2x4x1 t1_j6vco24 wrote

It’s fun to see Google shit their pants after ruining their own search engine with SEO spams and ads, while doing everything they can to make people dislike youtube past 10 years.

Even before ChatGPT, people were looking up best restaurants on Instagram and TikTok.


alexp8771 t1_j6y0mg7 wrote

Needing to append a site name where humans post to get accurate search results is like the opposite thing anyone should need to do for a company that is supposed to be AI focused.


Vulcan_MasterRace t1_j6vajum wrote

Sounds like Google got caught off guard by ChatGPT and doesn't have a formidable response to it yet.


gwawill t1_j6vl7o0 wrote

Google is so ahead when it comes to AI, they were just worried that people won't receive it well and had to slow things down. The foundation of chatGPT is on work they did .


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PoorRicklessMorty t1_j7ha2r9 wrote

It is when Google hasn't found how they want to monetize some of it and more importantly doesn't want their AI to risk brand damage. ChatGPT routinely gets things wrong or semi wrong which is expected with any AI that you have to train with data online and all it takes is their bot to say the right thing that is off base to damage Google's brand image. Google's spent $120 billion on AI in the last 6 years, just look up deepmind and alphaGo and you'll see just how much they've advanced it


Impossible-Water-968 t1_j6vl9ub wrote

They definitely do have AI programs smarter than ChatGPT.


grasib t1_j6ymqqq wrote

They should have implemented them into Google Assistent then. That program does not do a great job.


B0rax t1_j6xjxar wrote

Well, chatgpt is only what is public. OpenAI has better programs than that, just not released yet.


vuxanov t1_j6witqq wrote

Coming soon: ChatHangouts, ChatMeets, ChatWawe and 3 other Chats by Google.


YourBuddyLucas t1_j6x17yg wrote

Coming out with an app to compete with something that already blew up. Yeah, sounds like it’ll work the second time around. Add me on Google+ so we can chat about it /s


trekkie1701c t1_j6wxavi wrote

Didn't they have a chat AI so convincing an ex-engineer is suing them on behalf on the AI saying it's sentient?


[deleted] t1_j6zo6m3 wrote

They’ve had AI projects for years and we have no real idea what is going on there.


second-last-mohican t1_j6w1k3e wrote

Openai got caught off guard as well, they only released it because they didn't know what to ask it..

Also social helped blow it up


Voxmanns t1_j6x8y3l wrote

Well of course they are. Google knows this game pretty well at this point. They're playing for second intentionally. Let ChatGPT take the lumps for being the first to try and scale and whether they make it or not is irrelevant because Google can take a fair chunk of the market with relative ease. No reason for them to rush in.

I'd be extremely surprised if Google got honestly caught unawares. Perhaps they were surprised by how quickly ChatGPT grew, but I have to imagine they're pretty well positioned to handle this.

But, this is a very promising sign. ChatGPT is one tool and it shows that, if done right, a small company can still put some pressure on the larger companies. Hopefully we see a few more like ChatGPT in the next 4-5 years to add some diversity to the tech markets.


peakzorro t1_j6yopaa wrote

I think they were caught unaware by Microsoft partnering with ChatGPT for Bing search.


buttwh0l t1_j6vvuy4 wrote

Google got innovated on. Desperately going to throw a bunch of money. Build several products and shut them down in five years.


grig109 t1_j6yjzwx wrote

It's interesting how Google and other tech giants have been sitting on these LLM internally, some of which might even be more advanced than the OpenAI products. The greatest contribution of Chatgpt might be a first mover advantage that persuades other companies off of the sidelines.


PEVEI t1_j6v84ly wrote

Lol, that must be a real morale-builder.


TheMightyWill t1_j6xxzrg wrote

I've been using one called Writesonic which is decent.

It costs money tho, whereas Chat GPT is free


teddytwelvetoes t1_j6y83fe wrote

kind of amusing to think about Google's zillion dollar per year business genius c-suite folks running around shouting "somebody do something!!!"


Least_Dog4660 t1_j6zkigu wrote

For copyright reasons, they couldn't call it Pied Piper. Hooli owns the trademark for that.


Galoomp t1_j6w7gd9 wrote

Serves them right, Alphabet have 100 billion dollars cash on hand and are about to get decimated by a competing technology after they failed to reinvest this whole time.


Frederic03 t1_j6yxhm4 wrote

They are so scared......


schu4KSU t1_j6v8re5 wrote

Apprentice Bard is just Donald Trump Jr in a Renaissance costume.


stenmarkv t1_j6wk28z wrote

So they can fire more of their staff? Nice try google!


FRYETIME t1_j6vevdu wrote

Goofy ahh name


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j6v9l3c wrote

This isn't just internal. Research at Google has an app in the play store called AI Test Kitchen. I've used it, and it's... not great. The format is for specific things, like describing a place you say or giving you a list of tasks to reach a stated goal. The descriptor type is decent, but the task list is awful. It frequently includes the goal as a subtask, much like "draw the rest of the fucking owl." It's interesting but based on what I've seen it's not there, nor close. Could be they don't want to publicly tip their hand yet, since this is a public (wait-listed) version. Time will tell.


neuroticgooner t1_j6vwl1y wrote

Bard is not what you’re describing and it isn’t available outside the company