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marcololol t1_j9ryliz wrote

Make the internet modern in Germany PLEASE FFS 🤦‍♀️


OutlandishnessOk2452 OP t1_j9t35gu wrote

You have to wait 10 years. Be patient !


netz_pirat t1_j9twa4u wrote

Eh? Don't know where you are but here the infrastructure is getting upgrades left and right, half the town here is getting glass fiber and the other half already has gigabit per tv cable.


OutlandishnessOk2452 OP t1_j9u4u9i wrote

I live in Paris, so I have fiber. But even though adsl is coming to an end (all operators are removing Adam at the moment), there are quite a lot of areas where internet connection is still not good.


marcololol t1_j9ub84n wrote

That’s totally fine for consumers, but I’m a professional software engineer. And often times my home internet speeds are not enough for working tasks (Berlin)