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VincentNacon t1_j9rbh31 wrote

Yeah... no. ISPs isn't struggling to upgrade with the funding at all. They're just greedy and making excuses.


mailslot t1_j9sswff wrote

They already charge to receive traffic and charge the customer for delivery. Like if UPS was charging the shipper and recipient then complaining that shippers should also pay to upgrade their infrastructure. They want to triple dip on each byte served.


DutchieTalking t1_j9svjch wrote

Can we please stop this bullshit and just force these companies to invest their massive profits instead of letting big tech do so?


SugarTacos t1_j9tu5u0 wrote

We need to stop this bullshit all together and make internet a public utility. It has become a cornerstone of society and needs to be provided equitably as such.


marcololol t1_j9ryliz wrote

Make the internet modern in Germany PLEASE FFS 🤦‍♀️


OutlandishnessOk2452 OP t1_j9t35gu wrote

You have to wait 10 years. Be patient !


netz_pirat t1_j9twa4u wrote

Eh? Don't know where you are but here the infrastructure is getting upgrades left and right, half the town here is getting glass fiber and the other half already has gigabit per tv cable.


OutlandishnessOk2452 OP t1_j9u4u9i wrote

I live in Paris, so I have fiber. But even though adsl is coming to an end (all operators are removing Adam at the moment), there are quite a lot of areas where internet connection is still not good.


marcololol t1_j9ub84n wrote

That’s totally fine for consumers, but I’m a professional software engineer. And often times my home internet speeds are not enough for working tasks (Berlin)


hawkwings t1_j9t2v4f wrote

I don't like the idea of charging content providers. Average people can post videos to YouTube for free. If YouTube has to pay for your content, they may cut off uploading videos by average people. Newpapers are busy shutting down and they are content providers.


nooo82222 t1_j9tbebs wrote

You read how the US GOV paid billions in the 90s for companies to run high speed internet across the country and they just kept the money.


t0slink t1_j9s6fau wrote

The EU Commission needs to stop meddling with shit it doesn't understand.


timelyparadox t1_j9swi0h wrote

You should stop commenting on articles you have not read


Pokey_Seagulls t1_j9svbjp wrote

It's trying to understand. That's what this article is all about.


Spiritual-Cell-8375 t1_j9txqsp wrote

So, Pepsi has to pay to widen the freeway while Stella Artois rides for free? Makes sense Europe.


conioo t1_j9tem8i wrote

i guess we should charge car companies for the cars they produce to use the roads as well as the drivers of those cars?


DorShow t1_j9th903 wrote

The flounder sandwich is out! I heard it yesterday! Ima ready to drive into that building today for lunch!

Oops. Wrong thread! Upgraded ISPs and Popeye flounder sandwiches, maybe this decade is looking up!


DrDonut21 t1_j9tn3o4 wrote

Please note that this is a consultation. If you have an opinion on this, you can fill in the survey, and let them hear your thoughts. However, the survey is pretty detailed, and takes a bit of time to fill in.


Runnid t1_j9tzzhm wrote

I used to work at an ISP and when we upgraded an area or were able to offer higher speeds people were interested right up till they found out they'd have to pay more, then the interest disappeared or they were outraged that it would be even more expensive.

I'm in a similar situation now, I can get gigabit FTTH for £100 a month but tbh I'm perfectly happy with my £29.99 a month 80/20 FTTC as it's more than enough for me and means I don't have to rewire the house or have any more kit installed until they eventually switch off the copper network and force my hand.


opticd t1_j9ueg1a wrote

This is just another one in a series of the EU being pissed that they don’t have any domestic tech companies worth a damn. The EC has been open about their envy of US tech and how it motivates their legislating in the past.