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News___Feed t1_j9o8bxr wrote

If regulators weren't all geriatric, power hungry morons who don't understand technology, we'd have sensible and cautious legislation around this shit already. But no, corporations get to run at full speed into technologies that will fundamentally reshape society will no knowledge of how and no responsibility for the consequences but plenty of opportunity to make money before the damage starts showing.

Fuck I hate this world sometimes.


7HawksAnd t1_j9od25v wrote

Technology is getting into firearm regulation/license territory and I can’t believe I’m saying that sincerely.


grektyu t1_j9om0p3 wrote

In 2002 New Jersey passed a law that said that once a any smart gun was available for sale, you could only buy smart guns in the state. And that’s probably the biggest reason we don’t have any guns with electronic safety features today.