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passinghere t1_j9o8p57 wrote

Bixby was the first thing I removed / disabled on my phone, fucking hate that crap constantly getting in the way, last thing needed is it doing even more


catfurcoat t1_j9olo98 wrote

There are two reasons I went from Samsung to pixel and will never go back: 1) Google call screening 2) no bixby


passinghere t1_j9om2r0 wrote

Thankfully on my older Samsung A40, Bixby can be (and has been) completely disabled with a single tick box


GetRightNYC t1_j9oy8ar wrote

I went from Pixel to S22. Damn I miss the call screening.

I must have disabled Bixby when I setup my phonw though, as I've never seen anything from it.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j9r5y5c wrote

> 1) Google call screening

Behind camera performance, this is my top pixel must have. Screens spam. Screens hidden numbers. Even screens numbers you've never talked to before, which really pays off with all the spoofed number scam calls.


catfurcoat t1_j9r65hg wrote

Everyone I know gets at least one call per day. I get MAYBE one per month that slips through.


passinghere t1_j9sheyz wrote

Guess this shows how sad my life is as without any call screening at all, I don't get any scam / spam / unwanted calls, hell I hardly even get any calls / texts at all. If my phone rings once a month it's unusual and 99% of my texts are automated credit card notifications regards the monthly amount about to be taken from my bank, or notifications from the chemist regards my meds


catfurcoat t1_j9ttphr wrote

Your phone provider might be providing spam blocking services instead


luca1405 t1_j9tfbf8 wrote

There is a similar function on Samsung phones. I have it on my S22


stupidcasey t1_j9shl84 wrote

Well someones got to compete with google since siri is shit.


catfurcoat t1_j9tttyq wrote

Siri IS garbage! I will say that Alexa is better than Google home speakers though


MonteryWhiteNoise t1_j9rdg7f wrote

And, what measurable difference do you perceive with the Google page instead?


mailslot t1_j9qsb6d wrote

When I had Samsung phones, I remember how painful it was to disable all of the Samsung BS. No, I do not want Samsung Internet. No, I don’t want Samsung Mail. No, I sure don’t fucking want Bixby. It’s what I imagine if Siri and Alexa had a mentally handicapped child together.


this_1_is_mine t1_j9ryvy8 wrote

I don't believe in actually being able to disable it and also having to have an active subscription to Samsung in order to do so......


passinghere t1_j9s8iwv wrote

What on earth are you on about. I have no subscription to samsung and it's completely disabled on my phone so I fail to understand this "claim" you are making


this_1_is_mine t1_j9t8bcs wrote

My s9 will not let me reassign or even use the button. So it has been a forever attempted to avoid button because anytime you bump it it immediately pulls up Bixby and tells you I have to log into a Samsung account. And the behavior is changeable inside of the Samsung app which requires you to be logged in to do anything in.


SoCloseButNot t1_j9sgso5 wrote

Or, maybe here's a Bixby feature that justifies using it.