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passinghere t1_j9o8p57 wrote

Bixby was the first thing I removed / disabled on my phone, fucking hate that crap constantly getting in the way, last thing needed is it doing even more


catfurcoat t1_j9olo98 wrote

There are two reasons I went from Samsung to pixel and will never go back: 1) Google call screening 2) no bixby


passinghere t1_j9om2r0 wrote

Thankfully on my older Samsung A40, Bixby can be (and has been) completely disabled with a single tick box


GetRightNYC t1_j9oy8ar wrote

I went from Pixel to S22. Damn I miss the call screening.

I must have disabled Bixby when I setup my phonw though, as I've never seen anything from it.


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j9r5y5c wrote

> 1) Google call screening

Behind camera performance, this is my top pixel must have. Screens spam. Screens hidden numbers. Even screens numbers you've never talked to before, which really pays off with all the spoofed number scam calls.


catfurcoat t1_j9r65hg wrote

Everyone I know gets at least one call per day. I get MAYBE one per month that slips through.


passinghere t1_j9sheyz wrote

Guess this shows how sad my life is as without any call screening at all, I don't get any scam / spam / unwanted calls, hell I hardly even get any calls / texts at all. If my phone rings once a month it's unusual and 99% of my texts are automated credit card notifications regards the monthly amount about to be taken from my bank, or notifications from the chemist regards my meds


catfurcoat t1_j9ttphr wrote

Your phone provider might be providing spam blocking services instead


luca1405 t1_j9tfbf8 wrote

There is a similar function on Samsung phones. I have it on my S22


stupidcasey t1_j9shl84 wrote

Well someones got to compete with google since siri is shit.


catfurcoat t1_j9tttyq wrote

Siri IS garbage! I will say that Alexa is better than Google home speakers though


MonteryWhiteNoise t1_j9rdg7f wrote

And, what measurable difference do you perceive with the Google page instead?


mailslot t1_j9qsb6d wrote

When I had Samsung phones, I remember how painful it was to disable all of the Samsung BS. No, I do not want Samsung Internet. No, I don’t want Samsung Mail. No, I sure don’t fucking want Bixby. It’s what I imagine if Siri and Alexa had a mentally handicapped child together.


this_1_is_mine t1_j9ryvy8 wrote

I don't believe in actually being able to disable it and also having to have an active subscription to Samsung in order to do so......


passinghere t1_j9s8iwv wrote

What on earth are you on about. I have no subscription to samsung and it's completely disabled on my phone so I fail to understand this "claim" you are making


this_1_is_mine t1_j9t8bcs wrote

My s9 will not let me reassign or even use the button. So it has been a forever attempted to avoid button because anytime you bump it it immediately pulls up Bixby and tells you I have to log into a Samsung account. And the behavior is changeable inside of the Samsung app which requires you to be logged in to do anything in.


SoCloseButNot t1_j9sgso5 wrote

Or, maybe here's a Bixby feature that justifies using it.


Slaiden_IV t1_j9o7wgc wrote

Umm... Can you not do that actually wtf.


OHMG69420 t1_j9omjhe wrote

Well I would love an AI that clones my voice that I can switch on when scammers call. Endless fun!


trancepx t1_j9opolr wrote

Lol, you first


TheAmateurletariat t1_j9ozzmg wrote

Scammers: "Would you sign up for this 'service' for a large annual fee?"

AI, with your voice, without your knowledge: "Yes."

Scammers: "Great, I'll just use that sound-bite to justify billing you for anything I want now."


trancepx t1_j9plpzh wrote

Thank you for saying what needed to be said, now ordering 1000 copies of paul blart mall cop.


mailslot t1_j9qrjgs wrote

Some scammers call simply to record people saying “yes?” Help with scamming to have other people’s voices.


passinghere t1_j9obi0b wrote

> Imitating someone's voice is always going to raise fears about possible scams or other crimes should someone steal the phone and gain access to it, but Samsung notes that the feature does inform callers that there are speaking to Bixby and not the person they rang.

Only until it gets hacked and this warning gets removed


RandomComputerFellow t1_j9oj6gy wrote

I think this will lift identity theft onto a next level. When your phone is hacked. Hacker not only have your contacts, your conversations, access to your email inbox, your SMS inbox, your scanned documents, your password manager, your online banking, your payment information, your private photos but also your voice to say whatever they want.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j9okglg wrote

When was the last time you used your actual voice to verify something? I don't know a single institution (bank, government, etc) that would even notice or say anything if I "changed" my voice.


RandomComputerFellow t1_j9om0z8 wrote

Well, I don't speak about my bank. I speak about stuff like calling my grandmother pretending that I have problems and desperately need to raise a huge amount of money or calling my secretary to ask her to make a quick wire transfer to a company in Russia because we just made a business deal with them.

In a country where Indian call centers can steal billions of dollars from people by pretending to be the IRS or Microsoft Support and you need to send them Google Play Gift cards to pay your taxes, do you really doubt people would fall for this?


Chamilton1337 t1_j9p55io wrote

For my bank in Canada I activated the voice recognition option


darkkite t1_j9pzm52 wrote

fidelity offers this as well as other banks. never used it but it exists


epic_null t1_j9r2ly0 wrote

I think I was calling about my retirement fund when I was enrolled and had to explicitly be removed from it


jepvr t1_j9pl5uh wrote

I love that the excuse is that it informs the person that this isn't the person it's imitating and is actually a computer. Then... why even imitate the voice? You're making it worse than just saying "______ isn't able to answer, but this is her assistant Bixby and" etc. That gives you the same functionality but is so much less of a WTF.


Eric_the_Barbarian t1_j9oyhne wrote

Holy shit, why would you even want it to sound like you in the first place though?


News___Feed t1_j9o8bxr wrote

If regulators weren't all geriatric, power hungry morons who don't understand technology, we'd have sensible and cautious legislation around this shit already. But no, corporations get to run at full speed into technologies that will fundamentally reshape society will no knowledge of how and no responsibility for the consequences but plenty of opportunity to make money before the damage starts showing.

Fuck I hate this world sometimes.


7HawksAnd t1_j9od25v wrote

Technology is getting into firearm regulation/license territory and I can’t believe I’m saying that sincerely.


grektyu t1_j9om0p3 wrote

In 2002 New Jersey passed a law that said that once a any smart gun was available for sale, you could only buy smart guns in the state. And that’s probably the biggest reason we don’t have any guns with electronic safety features today.


Zumbert t1_j9o5zq1 wrote

We are at the beginning of the end folks. AI is about to make it so everything you see, hear or read will be suspect.


Drunkmonkey29 t1_j9o746h wrote

I'm already there. Marketing and online bots have made it this way. AI is not the biggest problem it's the ppl that run it.


plasticbots t1_j9occii wrote

fuck everything about this


thepottsy t1_j9optb5 wrote

I no longer have a Samsung phone, but god damn I hated that Bixby app.


prophetmuhammad t1_j9ommqs wrote

and just like every software or feature that samsung implements, it will fall flat on its face. it would benefit them greatly to fix their work culture first, if they want any new releases to work out


sllewgh t1_j9osweg wrote

Nah, fuck that. If I don't want to answer your call, I want you to know it. You're not getting my voice.


g-nice4liief t1_j9p09tu wrote

That's what bixby text call is for.


jepvr t1_j9plcd3 wrote

I'm bad at typing, so I use speech recognition to compose the text.


g-nice4liief t1_j9po4bg wrote

That's a pretty awsome way to communicate. Another + is you could control your phone even though for example your touchscreen is broken. That gives your phone a extra "life" if you can control your phone with your voice.


jepvr t1_j9ptrkc wrote

It was a joke based on not speaking to people.


g-nice4liief t1_j9qa6j9 wrote

Don't underestimate how lazy or stupid people can be.


jepvr t1_j9qfjl8 wrote

Don't worry, the internet keeps providing me with daily evidence.


evilsbane50 t1_j9ogav0 wrote

I like Samsung phones and most of their products, but Bixby is the first shit that goes. It's slow and bad at Everything it's supposed to do and gets in the way 9 times out of 10.


LoveThieves t1_j9ow616 wrote

I need one that uses my voice and acts as a bot to mess with spam callers so they block me and don't call me.


Hilppari t1_j9om01d wrote

Finally someone can take those annoying sales calls i usually ignore. Would be fun if the AI took them for a spin and wasted their time.


GetRightNYC t1_j9oyqlj wrote

It'll just get you put on more call lists.


BrandoCalrissian1995 t1_j9re2r6 wrote

Yup best way is to let them ring. Sending them to voice-mail or answering tells them it's still an active line. After a few weeks of letting the spam calls go through I barely get them anymore.


BillyMeier42 t1_j9oojez wrote

I stopped answering my phone a little over a year ago unless I know the number or expecting a call. Otherwise i dismiss and see if they leave a message. I answer maybe 1 of every 10 calls.


ElGuano t1_j9ou9s8 wrote

Great, so now Bixby's failures can be pinned on me.


Wild-Physics7753 t1_j9ovn19 wrote

wasn't Bixby dead?


Weegemonster5000 t1_j9oyqxd wrote

I fucking wish. It's on my S22+ I just got.

Even worse, it's on the POWER BUTTON! You can't turn off your phone with the POWER BUTTON! You need press and hold power and volume down. Fucking ridiculous.

I don't know anyone that uses Bixby or anyone who is even just "meh" about it. Everyone hates Bixby.


topfraggior t1_j9p6fr9 wrote

Just rebind the power button


vorpalbunneh t1_j9p8h2w wrote

Right? The option is right there is settings to have it display the power menu.


BrandoCalrissian1995 t1_j9re7ok wrote

People just wanna complain. They don't want solutions.


ItsASadBunny1 t1_j9x23o0 wrote

Yea, any chance they get to complain about Samsung they always do. Super easy to customize, you can download a goodlock module to take the button customization even further. Can't do that on an iPhone or a Pixel.


Rook22Ti t1_j9oqsme wrote

Fuck, I don't even like Google smart replies.


UsecMyNuts t1_j9otnx3 wrote

Samsung Bixby will clone a user's voice to answer phone calls send to China where your voice will be used on the new Xiaomi KillBot 7’s


jmsprintz t1_j9p09gy wrote

Oh fuck no it will not.


g-nice4liief t1_j9poe5a wrote

I don't honestly get the backlash. Nowhere it says it's MANDATORY to use your own voice. Why not use a celebrities voice, or your favorite character ? Wouldn't be aswome to have Morgen Freeman as a personal "ai" assistant ?


foulpudding t1_j9r5nud wrote

This is not something anyone should be comfortable with.


MonkeyAlpha t1_j9rza3g wrote

This will be abused for identity theft/fraud.


hecklingfext t1_j9pddck wrote

What was that movie where you could get an android of your best friend who died? We’re not far off are we?

Edit: Replicas (2018)


Agent17146 t1_j9phzgz wrote

Bixby is still a thing??


[deleted] t1_j9q65t6 wrote

I'll wait for Google to do the same, fuck Bixby. Little shit adbot.

Bixby routines (OS automation disconnected from the assistant) are great tho.


Wuzzy_Gee t1_j9qw27w wrote

Really bad idea.


livelikemartis t1_j9r206a wrote

Ohh so I’m done with Samsung products.


franstoobnsf t1_j9smptp wrote

Let's pretend people actually liked Bixby, fucking... then what? It answers the call you don't want and then goes "oh hey, soo uh.... bye"? Couldn't you just... not answer the phone? Who the hell is funding this? There are an actual team of people on this thing they know no one wants? People wake up everyday and go to this job?


herrsharky1 t1_j9o6l47 wrote

So it's texting with extra steps?