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jeffinRTP t1_j8do5iw wrote

Instacart is a private company in running out of investment money to spend. Plus they need to get the financials looking good so to go public people will buy the stock


Nearby_Ad_1473 t1_j8h0818 wrote

Shudders. That's a scary thought. Feel sorry for whoever would invest in this shit company.


jeffinRTP t1_j8h6sct wrote

I don't really think that that is much different than doordash or Uber or any of the other delivery type companies.


1800TurdFerguson t1_j8hxjxb wrote

It's not. It's all a massive wealth redistribution scam. They run these services at a loss using venture money and promising unrealistic compensation while they build scale. When faced with the end of venture subsidization of whatever "*disruption*" they're providing, they squeeze everybody a little bit, but workers the most. They can't afford to alienate too many customers if they want to walk away from that sweet, sweet IPO money, and workers have less power than anyone involved in the value chain.


Shavethatmonkey t1_j8e1cjf wrote

Instacart profits are coming out of shopper's paychecks, duh.


[deleted] t1_j8gg4ck wrote

look at this guy, he thinks instacart has profits lol


Desperate_Meat3252 t1_j8gd0uz wrote

We stopped using InstantCart when they came back with less than 50% of our order…including dog food…with substitutions on everything. Wish we could’ve adjusted the tip because we tipped off the full order amount. They don’t treat their workers right and it creates this kick-the-dog situation. Can’t wait for them to go out of business…any other competitor could do better.


Dm-me-a-gyro t1_j8gsog0 wrote

I stopped when my cart came back from krogers and the shopper said they didn’t have q tips….. or potatoes.

Come the fuck on man.


Nearby_Ad_1473 t1_j8h00oy wrote

Agreed minus the tipping comment. You can adjust and even remove the tip when the order is complete.


STDS13 t1_j8h7gxi wrote

So you recognized that the shoppers are underpaid/undervalued, and in the same breath are upset you couldn’t reduce their tip? Interesting…


smartguy05 t1_j8i2kbk wrote

It's not the customers job to pay the employees wages.


STDS13 t1_j8iivd2 wrote

Sure, never said it was.


Desperate_Meat3252 t1_j8hbbhv wrote

Underpaid and undervalued are not the same thing.

The system as is does not provide accountability and having a generous tip to begin with does not incentivize the shopper to go down more than a couple of aisles.

We have had multiple orders with InstantCart and almost every order had a handful of items that they couldn’t fulfill but this was like $80 worth of groceries and was unreasonable. (I mean seriously who wouldn’t be upset?) She may have even felt that way because the first thing she said was “Boy they were out of everything tonight.”

We were kind and gracious with our shopper and did not attempt to adjust the tip or complain about the shopper. It was frustrating and an inconvenience to have to go out to get what the shopper missed but it makes me more frustrated to think about people who rely on these services and have to place an additional orders for little things, like feeding your dog or toothpaste (like my partner’s grandma who started using this when she was going through cemo last year and initially why we first gave this service a try).

In the end, we started using order pick up which is 100% the way.


IanFromFlorida t1_j8f1h91 wrote

The problem with Instacart is the shoppers. Anyone who's encountered them in the store is going to think twice about using the service.


bonecrusher32 t1_j8fokic wrote

As a retail worker most instacart shoppers are dumb as bricks. I get so tired of them holding up their phones asking me where everything is because they are to lazy to look for themselves. If I have to do the shopping for them then I deserve a cut.


Jacuzzi9 t1_j8ftsjd wrote

I had one try to tell me the store was out of CELERY. Never in my life have I ever seen a grocery store out of celery. I drove to the store that same day and sure enough there was plenty of it there. Mouth-breathing idiots.


GeneralZex t1_j8i092i wrote

You are making more than them so take solace in that.


Super_Marzipan_1077 t1_j8gwshp wrote

Lots of normal people doing the job. For a time it was a good gig for students or part time workers. It was nice bringing groceries to older folks that were worried about exposing themselves during the pandemic.


evilkasper t1_j8h4aoh wrote

This is where delivery groceries really shines, it's really useful to the elderly or anyone with mobility impairments.


claystone t1_j8f6j0i wrote

I haven't encountered one. What do you mean?


Jacuzzi9 t1_j8ftwno wrote

They're dumb as rocks and get in everyone's way.


nobody_smith723 t1_j8fds5v wrote

eh... if that person is from florida. can just ignore them. they're assholes.


Jacuzzi9 t1_j8fthtr wrote

Instacart sucks camel dicks and I hope they go out of business.


bendybird t1_j8gu99x wrote

I’m not familiar with camel dicks .. are they large? Small? Hairy? Retractable?


onecrazyguy1 t1_j8ibqaq wrote

Oh, you should be happy you don't know the answer to this question


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j8i1t38 wrote

All of these shopping and delivery businesses have two things in common- The customers and the business owners are lazy schlubs who want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Get off of your butt and go shopping for yourself. Get off of your butt and go pick your food up. Quit using these garbage businesses and then complaining that they are garbage.


gurenkagurenda t1_j8i63zb wrote

Why don’t you just say “hi, I don’t know or care that disabled people exist” while you’re at it.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j8i7dig wrote

I actually almost did mention that, but I figured anybody with a brain would realize that disabled people are such a small percentage of the business that it's not relevant to the overriding point. Congratulations.


gurenkagurenda t1_j8i9ne2 wrote

26% of people in the US. Yeah, just a rounding error.


therealdannyking t1_j8ka8qu wrote

26% of the people in the United States can't go to the grocery store because of their disability? Is that your assertion?


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j8ko4d4 wrote

Yeah. The hivemind strikes again. It's funny when you stand back and look at it. The further assertion is that 26% of Instacart's business is disabled people, which is patently ridiculous. But the hivemind will do what the hivemind will do.


gurenkagurenda t1_j8lcmvc wrote

This is a huge problem with how people look at disability. Disabilities are a time suck. They’re an energy suck. It’s not just about what you’re physically capable of doing. It’s also about what you can deal with accounting for the added difficulty and the added difficulty in the other things you have to deal with in your life.

For example, my particular brand of ADHD doesn’t preclude me from going to the grocery store. But I will spend about three times as long as the average person trying to find things, and I’ll be utterly exhausted by the end of it. If your response to that is “get off your butt and go shopping for yourself”, my response is “kindly fuck off and stop telling me how to spend my own money.”