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STDS13 t1_j8h7gxi wrote

So you recognized that the shoppers are underpaid/undervalued, and in the same breath are upset you couldn’t reduce their tip? Interesting…


smartguy05 t1_j8i2kbk wrote

It's not the customers job to pay the employees wages.


STDS13 t1_j8iivd2 wrote

Sure, never said it was.


Desperate_Meat3252 t1_j8hbbhv wrote

Underpaid and undervalued are not the same thing.

The system as is does not provide accountability and having a generous tip to begin with does not incentivize the shopper to go down more than a couple of aisles.

We have had multiple orders with InstantCart and almost every order had a handful of items that they couldn’t fulfill but this was like $80 worth of groceries and was unreasonable. (I mean seriously who wouldn’t be upset?) She may have even felt that way because the first thing she said was “Boy they were out of everything tonight.”

We were kind and gracious with our shopper and did not attempt to adjust the tip or complain about the shopper. It was frustrating and an inconvenience to have to go out to get what the shopper missed but it makes me more frustrated to think about people who rely on these services and have to place an additional orders for little things, like feeding your dog or toothpaste (like my partner’s grandma who started using this when she was going through cemo last year and initially why we first gave this service a try).

In the end, we started using order pick up which is 100% the way.