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Ancient_Persimmon t1_ja1ak1q wrote

Tesla completely opened their connector up last fall when they updated the spec. It can be used with the CCS protocol, so no need to license Tesla's proprietary one and it's rated to 1000V x 1000A.


Zorb750 t1_ja212wo wrote

I have a really hard time with the idea of more than maybe 500A sustained for any amount of time on that connector. Cite proof.


Zorb750 t1_ja31gz9 wrote

Whatever, downvote away. I have one. I can see the cross-sectional size of the pins. I feel like the "V3" superchargers, which deliver around 700 amps through this connector, are really the practical limit. My car does not have this, but I can tell you that when interrupted during the highest amperage (about half of the above) parts of charging, the connector is warm. I can't see tripling as feasible.


homogenousmoss t1_ja6dtpj wrote

Wouldnt it be possible with the active cooling they’ve been adding?