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the_jungle_awaits t1_ja1hydv wrote

> market share theft attempt.

Musk fanboys are calling corporations competing for market share, theft?!

The mental gymnastics are real!


eluna303 t1_ja1k0r0 wrote

"Capitalism is only good when I'm winning"


Gagarin1961 t1_ja3sr29 wrote

Lol I agree it’s ridiculous, but it’s also ridiculous to assume he even liked Tesla/Musk.

It sounded like idiotic liberal BS to me more than support for Musk. Liberals are the ones constantly trying to make markets seem immoral.


atonyatlaw t1_ja1me8n wrote

Dude. I own a '21 Mach E and a '98 Cobra SVT. I hate Tesla. You read too much into my wording.