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InvisibleEar t1_ja1rygi wrote

That's only mostly true

Nissan is not going to give it up on the Leaf without a fight for some reason.


Bobby_Marks2 t1_ja23xj5 wrote

Probably has to do with developing cars/engines/batteries/manufacturing technologies around specific voltage/amperage, so it's not as easy as just wiring a different connector in.


InvisibleEar t1_ja3mq7e wrote

Yeah I don't know, I'm not an electricity man. But they can't ignore it forever. I'm happy with my used Leaf, but I think between the limited fast charge options and the battery management I wouldn't recommend people but a new one.


Bobby_Marks2 t1_ja5ov1a wrote

Yeah we went from Leaf to Chevy Bolt and I'd recommend the Bolt all day long over the Leaf.


InvisibleEar t1_ja8et7h wrote

Yeah I may have wasted money trying to save money but with my income I felt sick signing for 25k or more.