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Gk5321 t1_ja41anx wrote

I think a lot of people on Reddit push that narrative. In real life people have no clue about musk and just automatically think Tesla when they hear EV. Even when they see an add for Ford or Chevy EVs they think Tesla.


Maverick0984 t1_ja41jb3 wrote

I really can't disagree with this more. At least the real life around me anyway.


Gk5321 t1_ja41onn wrote

I think EVs are pretty regional. Here in Florida they’re everywhere and for the most part Teslas.


Maverick0984 t1_ja472kt wrote

Maybe? I have never really mentioned quantity or what it is in the marketplace today. My comment is about the long term. They are not built to last. Teslas in general were a status symbol and they aren't anymore. The luster has wore off and people see them for what they are, now that other options exist.


homogenousmoss t1_ja6d8nt wrote

I have two Tesla and my wife has no idea who Musk is. Its just a car brand to her and she works in a garage. Its like I have no idea who the CEO of any car company is except Tesla and its only because of reddit that I know who he is.