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fatherofallthings t1_jaejm4g wrote

What is up with these articles trying to push for a return to office? I love WFH and really don’t want my CEO being propagandized to think it’s better to go back


HanaBothWays t1_jaektp4 wrote

The ones about how it’s important for people to get back to the office for their social lives are really something.

If y’all cared that much about our social lives y’all would give us bigger paychecks and less hours we had to work.


LigerXT5 t1_jaet1sl wrote

And incentivize the many to move to smaller towns to live closer to (new) work, instead of the wastefulness that is living in your car for a couple hours a day, when you have things you could be doing to better your health (mental and physical).

I'm so happy to be a 3min walk from work. Cost of living is less, but, so is the pay. IT positions around NW Oklahoma has terrible pay. With Walmart's recent change in pay, debating to go back, just depends on how reliable their scheduling system is (bet ya, it's still squarely and annoying).