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nibor t1_j9850ul wrote

Is there a good sub for general Technology discussion?

I'm specifically interested in the growth in ML but pretty much any web, web 3.0 or digital focused subjects are fine if it needs to be be more specific.

With ML I'm looking at the reaction to chat GPT and the consensus seems to be will be a game changer to severely impact Google but like search I expect ad-tech will severaly impact usefulness the way the SEO cold war with the most prominent example being each online recipe requiring a life story for ranking juice.. Or it will just be a paid service limiting adoption and potentially breakign the free web as we know it.

I have thoughts, I want to get others take on the situation so recommendations welcome.


veritanuda OP t1_j98haah wrote

Try /r/MachineLearning and /r/ArtificialInteligence