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ghost2077 t1_j9l7gop wrote

Hello, so I work for a resort and we are thinking of installing a printer on or near the front desk that guest can easily use to print. We are thing of using a printer in which it has an email you can send what you want to print to or a cloud based service. I am not sure where to start looking or what type of printer to look for. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thank you all.


veritanuda OP t1_j9nzyzm wrote

Depending on how much freedom you have to make your own choices, you could just pick any printer and Raspberry Pi/Alt SBC as a host, then configure is for people to send jobs either by Bluetooth, Wifi or email.

Alternatively, if you are less concerned about giving up your data to the cloud, you can use something like Printnode and a Kiosk to do much of the same things.