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No_Woodpecker_7774 t1_j9qcheh wrote

Seems like the company ',Voxer,' patented a streaming technology that utilizes simultaneous broadcasting and data retention of video over multi-channel connection(s) to reduce disconnect and smooth playback. A couple years after facebook met with them and almost reached a deal.. they used the technological insights gained from meeting and protected patents to copycat the design. What company doesnt try to copycat the competiton? But they must have taken it a little too far..


Valvador t1_j9r3m41 wrote

I would love to read the original patent. As much as I hate Meta whenever I see shit like this I think "Patent Trolls", and your summary makes it sound like they literally patented "Redundancies to avoid failure", which seems too obvious to patent.


t0slink t1_j9s697c wrote

yeah, there's no way there isn't prior art of this


delrioaudio t1_j9qkgmb wrote

Didn't something like that happen in an episode of silicon valley?


JohnWangDoe t1_j9viajs wrote

>they used the technological insights gained from meeting and protected patents to copycat the design.


There was a scene in Silicon Valley (HBO) where they did exactly this lol


ThunderPigGaming t1_j9smyby wrote

OUr local law enforcement used to use Voxer to communicate to avoid being recorded by dispatch.


Infernalism t1_j9qdf9k wrote

If it made them more than $175 million, then they actually came out ahead.

This is why fines should be in the billions.


GoneFishing36 t1_j9qksg2 wrote

It's $175M in the red, is already paid, they're going to eat it for fiscal year.

Btw, 0.04% of their current market cap. Penalty too low. That's like a $75k annual income, hit with a $30 fine.


uparm t1_j9s1rq0 wrote

LOL what do you think market cap is?


PoePlayerbf t1_j9szitx wrote

Market cap is akin to net worth, not their annual income. Their annual income is 4.39B. This is akin to a $75k annual income, hit with a $3000 fine.


pmotiveforce t1_j9rc171 wrote

It's not a fine, it's a patent lawsuit over a ridiculous patent.


SuperSpread t1_j9tfiek wrote

In patent infringement, they will either be forced to stop, get fined again with a bigger penalty, or like 99% of these cases settle out of court with a contract for future use. It’s not a one time thing.


autotldr t1_j9qgr85 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)

> After a jury unanimously decided last September that Meta owed $175 million to walkie-talkie app-maker Voxer for patent infringement, Meta tried to avoid paying up by requesting a judge either reject the jury's verdict or give Meta a new trial.

> This week, a federal judge denied Meta's request, making it likely that Meta will have to pay all those running royalties for illegally copying Voxer's technology and using it to launch Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

> In his decision, US District Judge Lee Yeakel affirmed that substantial evidence supported the jury's verdict of patent infringement and sufficient evidence supported the damages that the jury awarded Voxer.

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KeenK0ng t1_j9rynz0 wrote

Pay a $100 fine... surely meta learn their lesson.


nadmaximus t1_j9u6eb5 wrote

There is no way any of that should be patentable.