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GMW-5610 t1_ja87kfp wrote

Honestly, they should just drop the ball on smartphones. Thr current models are an embarrassment and an insult to what Nokia used to be.

I will forever hate Microsoft for driving the brand to shit and for actively sabotaging and killing a much needed third mobile OS. MeeGo kicked ass and was way better than fucking Windows Mobile.

So, so ahead in many aspects (design, gestures).


shinra528 t1_ja8joam wrote

From everything I heard, Windows phones we’re pretty great; just no one was buying them.


duane534 t1_ja8r40m wrote

BB10 was, too. Magic Eraser has nothing on what BB10 did, almost ten years ago, but we live in an app-driven world.


typesett t1_ja9dzmh wrote

so the same thing that msoft used for Windows worked against them in the mobile phone wars

who had all the software? apple and android

if they dont have the apps at the time they were not pretty great. 'pretty great'? at what? like it was great because it worked? because it ran office? at the time to be great, it needed what people wanted. the latest apps, great camera, new models every year


my 2 cents. i love options for consumers so we are just talking about the post-mortem but competition is great


shinra528 t1_ja9t2ym wrote

I don't disagree with any part of your analysis.


GMW-5610 t1_ja9ouwq wrote

The Metro UI, for how neat it was on mobile, was inevitably associated with the shittiest desktop release of all time. The reputation problem was clear.


DavidBrooker t1_ja8jnp1 wrote

Nokia hasn't made a phone in about a decade. Anything with their name on it in that timeframe was a licensing deal. They dropped smartphones a long time ago, and they don't think the phones with their licensed branding hurts their core brand in core market of network infrastructure.


TheSignalPath t1_ja8fztu wrote

Who wrote this article?! Nokia doesn't make phone. They have licensed the brand name for a while. Nokia is in the network infrastructure business for both mobile, optics and fixed networks. They also have cloud & software products built for networks.


whatistheformat t1_ja89w7a wrote

To... what?

I read the article, I just still don't get what markets they could meaningfully penetrate. It's a pretty vague reboot.


DavidBrooker t1_ja8iq4b wrote

Your use of 'could' seems misplaced. They haven't made a phone in a decade, and have a revenue of 22B euros. I think that's not quite as speculative as you're implying.

Their largest business sector is networking equipment, where it is a major competitor to Cisco and Huawei. It's building a big chunk of America's 5G rollout.


xyzzzzy t1_ja9x9c1 wrote

Network gear. Bad article though.


zKarp t1_ja9q65p wrote

You're reading it the wrong way.






MammothJust4541 t1_ja8jlyu wrote

I would like to see Nokia get into the nuclear bomb shelter business.


mvfsullivan t1_ja8xh6k wrote

It looks like Nocia to me


kutkun t1_jaa6ak7 wrote

I wonder how many millions of dollars they paid for the “design” of the name of the company -or of the logo let’s say.


Quantum-traveler88 t1_jabw4az wrote

Lol this was cool in like 2008. Very unoriginal and hipster logo. Reads “lokia”