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547610831 t1_ja88cn7 wrote

>I live in Bavaria and our mushrooms are still radioactive.

Everything is radioactive my guy. If you brought a pallet of bananas into a nuclear plant it would have to be disposed of as nuclear waste due to the radiation level. Regardless, Chernobyl killed less people than coal plants do every day. And it's much less an indictment of nuclear as it is Communism and the Soviet Union. No reactor like that is currently operating.


BurningPenguin t1_jabfv66 wrote

So, you can't name a regulation that decreases safety. Got it.

Also, news flash: Mushrooms and wild animals aren't bananas. And I'm quite sure even bananas don't contain a considerable amount Cesium-137.

>No reactor like that is currently operating.

Almost like those "unsafe" safety regulations are working as intended.