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billdietrich1 t1_ja8nz1f wrote

> the past year’s supply chain disruptions have made nuclear more appealing, showing just how volatile energy prices can be.

Um, a tech that requires many years or a decade to build, and then 20-40 years to operate to be profitable, is a good fit for "volatile energy prices" ?


bitfriend6 t1_ja90rjf wrote

Yes because "energy" in this context means "supply chain from Saudi Arabia and Russia, as controlled by 3 companies". It only takes one major war to wipe our global oil supply and Russia is doing that. Or Covid. Nuclear is resistant to these markets, especially now that Biden is having us refine our own Uranium instead of importing it from Russia. A high-cost, capital-intensive object is at least a known quantity versus Iran bombing Saudi oil terminals again, Russia opening a second front in Finland, or Venezuela invading Colombia. The international supply chain that delivers oil into our gas tanks is extremely fragile versus in-house nuclear development.


billdietrich1 t1_ja91cts wrote

Distributed, cheap, steadily-getting-cheaper renewables and storage are even better ways to get "known quantities" that Russia can't affect.