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billdietrich1 t1_ja8tvv7 wrote

From , it looks like the first reactor was scheduled to produce in 2017, but didn't start producing until mid-2020. That's 8 years after start of construction. Price tag for 4 reactors is somewhere from $20 to $30 billion. I wouldn't call that either quickly or cheaply.


547610831 t1_ja8u7ik wrote

For 4 reactors that's pretty darn good. If we could build a new reactor for 5 Billion there would be a dozen under construction right now.


billdietrich1 t1_ja8uqrf wrote

That time was for the first reactor, not four. And it's one plant, not four plants.

Sure, a non-democratic govt will be able to do things faster and thus cheaper. No lawsuits, no loss of focus or change of policy. But even they can't do nuclear quickly and cheaply.