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djm19 t1_j8skwag wrote

Which is illegal.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8v1qvh wrote

and they'll be fined 5 minutes of profits


Badtrainwreck t1_j8vcs51 wrote

5 minutes?! Do you want to destroy the economy? We will find an orphan and slap the orphans wrist instead, and make tesla promise to never do a no no again


10390 t1_j8sl31b wrote

Elon might be an asshole but at least he’s consistent.

“over thirty employees were fired on February 15, one day after the union sent its email to management describing the intent to organize. The union also told Gizmodo that Tesla implemented a new policy that forbids employees to record meetings at the company unless all attendees agree.”


Dukmiester t1_j8xsg9x wrote

Is that a way to get out of meetings? Just say you want to record it and leave when anyone refuses?


Fy_Faen t1_j8sssbm wrote

What I fail to understand is why union organization doesn't happen quietly until they have a large percentage of people agreeing to join.

Is this something that's ready for disruption, like a social-media site for unionization resources and to facilitate unionization?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j8st5qu wrote

>What I fail to understand is why union organization doesn't happen quietly until they have a large percentage of people agreeing to join. >

Because all it takes is one person to "leak' to management that it's going on. Some ass kisser. They're everywhere


Baron_Ultimax t1_j8ucj4p wrote

In this day and age of agressive union-busting techniques Organizers could take a page out of an espionage playbook. Adopt a cell structure. Compartmentalize operations. Implement opsec procedures.

It may seem a little ridiculous but people have been killed for trying to unionize.


Sokkxx t1_j8wqq9i wrote

My building I work in is all small clumps of employees from different departments. So I feel this is already adopted.


_Stealth_ t1_j8wtnv1 wrote

Someone should create a website specifically to have people create unions in their respective companies anonymously and safely. Where they can talk and unionize without fear.


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8uw1eh wrote

Tesla responded. They claim it’s the opposite(who knows).

They claim they are low performing employees that were about to be fired, and started this to prevent Tesla from firing them.

I don’t know who is right, but we should at least cover both sides.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8v1tnq wrote

tesla is full of shit and can eat a bag of dicks


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8v3xwh wrote

Look at the New York Times article. Yes there were union efforts. Yes Tesla fired people. But most of the people fired were NOT part of the union. Media is putting those two events together as click bait.


Phenoix512 t1_j8y0c25 wrote

And if it is so then Tesla can provide documentation of the low performance and signed interactions with said employees stating they were told. This is standard practice in every major company I have worked at. It's done so employees can't claim they weren't told


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8v3bfl wrote

Keep eating the media bait. So far only 1 of the 27 fired employees was part of the union push. But sure, whatever narrative makes you happy.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8v5147 wrote

Remove your lips from Elon's ass. he's not going notice you


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8v9htz wrote

Lol, you’re jealous now 😂


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8vc14a wrote

I'm very jealous of someone who can't use the correct form of "you're".


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8vez9h wrote

Thanks for your honesty.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8vgbnr wrote

You should go get your sarcasm detector checked.


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8yrplg wrote

You have to explain your jokes too 🤣


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8yubfk wrote

upvoting yourself with an alt. classic


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8zftu2 wrote

Look who’s projecting.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8zg0b7 wrote

you really are completely pathologically unable to take the L. dude get therapy


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8zhxz9 wrote

Ya man, I’m unable to take the Laugh. You need to work on those. Also get some anger management classes while you’re at it 🫣


pisandwich t1_j8va4n6 wrote

The union says 15 of their members were fired, out of 30+ total fired. Why would you trust Tesla when they say only 1 "identified" with the union? Tesla doesn't even recognize the union yet, I doubt they have a thorough count of every employee that's involved.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8varc5 wrote

he's a telsa/musk fanboy actively posts in multiple tesla subreddits


pisandwich t1_j8vb8xk wrote

Seems like a paid shill maybe, social media rep for Tesla.


DerekTheSkiNerd t1_j8vbq9x wrote

nah, there are still idiots who are huge musk asskissers because they wish they were him.

unfortunately /r/electricvehicles is fucking full of them


CandyFromABaby91 t1_j8vbheg wrote

Yep, that’s a thing. Tesla pays me to comment on Reddit. Very well paying job. Join us.