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ex_sanguination t1_j74gk2s wrote

Oh for sure, it hasn't caused any major upheavals yet. But once it's refined it'll start to make a more noticable impact. This all being in the future. Give it 10 years? But who knows, maybe this is the same hoopla as self driving cars were back in 2015.


I_ONLY_PLAY_4C_LOAM t1_j74hkx2 wrote


ex_sanguination t1_j74i8h3 wrote

Right, but the fear that taxi services, truck drivers, and delivery drivers etc was blown out of proportion. Can it still happen? Sure. But people were saying by early 20s' there would be massive change in the workforce.


Trotskyist t1_j74wmh1 wrote

I mean, self-driving taxis are a thing now in several cities/states and are actively expanding into new markets. Obviously, it hasn't taken over yet and become the norm (if it does at all) but it's absolutely a growing industry.