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brain_overclocked t1_j75pak2 wrote

On the one hand, that is true. But there is burgeoning field in understanding AI biases, and developing techniques to minimize them.

Because on the other hand, we humans are riddled with biases. Some stronger than others and expressed differently for each person. With training and education it is possible to minimize our various biases, although perhaps not eliminate them; but that can take time.

With an AI, if a bias is detected and a means developed to reduce it, maybe even eliminate it, then it would be much easier to update the AI accordingly, something that is far quicker to do. Additionally, if we are not able to eliminate or minimize all biases in an AI, then perhaps reducing the number of expressed biases in AI than in a human may be valuable in and of itself. If, for whatever reason, we do come across a bias in AI that cannot be reduced to an acceptable degree with regard to its designated task, then simply being aware of it may give us the ability to mitigate or guard against it in some other external way.