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Fake_William_Shatner t1_j77p3ko wrote

>legal documents require extremely specific and precise language.

Which computer software is really good at -- even before the improvements of AI.

>and anything beyond that requires actually knowing about law, which LLMs like ChatGPT are not capable of.

Yeah, lawyers memorize a lot of stuff and go to expensive schools. That doesn't mean it's actually all that complicated relative to programming, creating art or designing a mechanical arm.

I agree that document processing and search are going to see a lot of growth with AI. But being able to type in a few details about a case and have a legal document created, a discovery, and a bulk of all the bread and butter that is using the same templates over and over again with a few sentences changing -- that's going to be AI.

Most of what paralegals and lawyers do is repetitive and not all that creative.