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Fake_William_Shatner t1_j77rmew wrote

>vs. trying to convince you otherwise.

Yes, that would require you to know more about what you are saying. "Succinct" would require you to actually connect your short observation to SOMETHING -- what you did was little more than just say; "Not true!" and people didn't like my geek answer and how it made them feel so you got the karma. I really don't care about the Karma, I care about having a decent conversation. I can't do that with "Smoke & Mirrors" when I could apply it to at least a dozen different aspects of this situation, and I have no idea what the common person thinks. And the idea that people have one point of view at a time -- that's foreign to me as well.

>At a minimum, I might suggest not taking these casual internet discussions with strangers so personally.

Oh, you think my observation about "this is a shitty thing" is me being hurt? No. It's ANNOYING. It's annoying that ignorant comments that are popular get upvotes. Usually I cracking jokes and sneaking in the higher concepts for those who might catch them -- because sometimes that's all you can do when you see more than they seem to.

I could make a dick joke and get 1,000 karma and explain how to manipulate gravity and get a -2 because someone didn't read it in a textbook.

However, the ability for people to think outside the box has gotten better over time, and it's not EVERYONE annoying me with ignorance, just half of them. That's a super cool improvement right there!


__OneLove__ t1_j77tajo wrote

Please, by all means, keep both proving my point & justifying my unwillingness to engage with this passive aggressive dribble 🙂

...and yet this 🤡 continues to wonder/question why he warrants downvotes 🤔🤣✌🏽


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j78j1zv wrote

>why he warrants downvotes

Some people seem to think up and down votes prove the quality of the point being made. No, it's just the popularity in that venue at a given moment.

You could always explain what your comment meant. You don't have to, though. It's important not to take these comments too seriously. But, if you keep commenting on everything else BESIDES what you meant by "smoke and mirrors" then I will just not worry.

I have to commend you however on some top notch emoji usage.


__OneLove__ t1_j78jt4s wrote

Take care of yourself & have a nice life internet stranger. In the interim/simply put, I am blocking you. ✌🏽