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jfpbookworm t1_j8w42j1 wrote

This has been going on for months at least, and they're just reporting on it now?

My local city reddit has posts about stolen cars, and every time it's a Kia or Hyundai.


BravoCharlie1310 t1_j8w508k wrote

This has been known at least 2 years and someone is just now writing about it?


Fuddle t1_j8wfo45 wrote

Slow news morning, need content


[deleted] t1_j8xtfuw wrote

Is the problem fixed? New people buying cars also need to know about it if it’s not fixed yet.


aznoone t1_j8yoe9x wrote

After November 2021 all have immobilizers. Old key cars are now getting a software update. Not a true immobilizer.


DGIce t1_j8wq5hv wrote

The USB cable really has nothing to do with it besides being a convenient shape, you can do the same with a screwdriver.


DelTheInsane t1_j8w4bj2 wrote

Internet Explorer is reporting the news again.


3vi1 t1_j8z8k5c wrote

Maybe you didn't hear, but Internet Explorer was sent to live on a farm upstate.


NikD4866 t1_j8x7xg1 wrote

Waayyy old news.


[deleted] t1_j8vul89 wrote



Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j8vvljv wrote

Was genuinely shitting bricks till I learned that all the Canadian ones are fine. Immobilizers have been mandatory here for a long time.

Still glad I bought the Club, though. Even if the immobilizer stops them, they're still gonna fuck up the ignition/steering column/etc in the attempt. Hopefully a very visible lock will convince them not to bother trying.


RandomRDP t1_j8w8t1l wrote

Immobiliser's are mandatory in the devolved world, It's really weird to think that cars are being sold without them.


Larten_Crepsley90 t1_j8x0zy6 wrote

You might stop some, but around here they are just cutting the steering wheel and removing the clubs.


GhettoKid t1_j8zyzds wrote

The immobilizer literally just pops off after they break off the trim around the wheel and they use a screwdriver or a cable and just turn the ignition. There are lots of videos on youtube and tiktok showing people steal them in less then 2 min.


dorkusmaximus81 t1_j8wjwrf wrote

Hey, maybe op was in a coma for the last year and woke up to his kia stolen you never know.


flaminate_strutching t1_j8whvrh wrote

Could be? Are currently being. Have been being for a long time. It’s a huge problem. People are dying.


kaishinoske1 t1_j8wqo9z wrote

It’s not surprising since companies operate the basis of having security on industry standards. The problem with that is the standards for industries is pretty low and this is the outcome. Which is why companies shouldn’t be thinking of their IT department as an after thought.


Nanakatl t1_j8xek9j wrote

i'm sure they saved a good amount of money by cheaping out on immobilizers, but at what cost to their name brand? personally i love my kia and my next car would've very likely been a kia as well. now i'm not so sure.


ArachnidUnusual7114 t1_j8wzbtk wrote

Thanks for the heads up, will make sure I avoid buying those in the future.


KEVLAR60442 t1_j8xg5l8 wrote

It's already been fixed in 2022 and 2023 models and it's only an issue in base trims without push to start.


romansamurai t1_j8yazvy wrote

It’s only in any trim prior to 2022 that has a regular ignition. Ie no push to start. So you can stick a screwdriver in and turn the ignition I guess.


WrenchesRUs t1_j91aj46 wrote

No you do have to take the basic plastics and ignition/keyed part off. The USB is the right shape to get the ignition to turn after the rest is out of the way. Donut media did it in a video to demonstrate whats going on


neon t1_j8xizpq wrote

R/milwakuee has known this for years. Kia boys are a whole thing


amitrion t1_j8xn93u wrote

This was so 2 months ago maybe even longer


Professional_Show918 t1_j8ynizo wrote

Nothing like rewriting someone’s else’s article from the past.


LaLaHaHaBlah t1_j91biwm wrote

And my here pissed because my iPhone quit working with my old Volvo connect tech.


JerrysStillHere t1_j934w01 wrote

Imagine going to jail for stealing a kia......


trentsim t1_j8waovs wrote

Title incorrect, you've got to have something on the other end of the cable

Edit: my mistake, I misunderstood and am wrong


f_crick t1_j8wc2rv wrote

I thought it was the usb cable just happens to be the right size. It’s purely mechanical afaik.


WrenchesRUs t1_j91aaoc wrote

No, you don't. Donut already did this in a video to show what was happening. The USB is just the right shape


dougfunnybitch t1_j8xilhc wrote

Who would steal a Hyundai or Kia? Why?


morfgo t1_j8zmars wrote

If you need a car for a robbery or gang wars