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lordkiwi t1_j8prju9 wrote

I have never heard of Tesla going to an exclusive agreement on charging stations. In NJ one turnpike rest stop will have Tesla the next rest stop will have EVGo or a different CCS network. I have been to many targes with both Tesla and another network. Wawa alternate between tesla and CCS or have both.

I do know walmart has an exclusive agreement with Electrify America.

When a site wants to deploy Tesla Destination chargers. Tesla always recommends they install one CCS if they are installing at least 6 Tesla ports.


The other thing about stations is it doesn't tell you how many ports. A typical Electrify America station has 2 150kw chargers and 2 350kw , 4 total. Tesla stations average 10 total chargers.

What you don't understand is just how many more Tesla chargers are deployed vs CCS. But it does make since when you realize 75% of all EV in the US Where Tesla's in 2022.

But I digress. This helps everyone except Electrify America. Non Tesla chargers are so unreliable. CCS drivers are going to flood to Tesla chargers. And since these chargers are on the most profitable spots on the highway. There going to cut into EA revenue like a axe.