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happyscrappy t1_j8qoj9r wrote

The money is ridiculous.

I would give them $0. Just do like Europe and say you're prohibited from making any more DC chargers that don't support CCS (at least in addition to your proprietary connector). You're not required to retrofit the old ones, and so we're not going to pay you anything for it.

Tesla is right now saying 7500 chargers. It's not even clear they are all DC. Some may be Level 2.

[edit: It's 3500 DC and 4000 L2!. But also the entire $7.5B does not go to Tesla. Just part of it. So my $1M below figure may be far too high.]

$1M a charger? Ridiculous.

Plus Tesla will use the billing system in place to create a database of EV owners for them to market to. And force them to download the Tesla app, giving them a line direct to their pocket.

California law requires them to make their chargers available to everyone without joining a club (no memberships). I hope that law sticks here. But this is Musk. The same guy who refused to close his plants during COVID because he's too damn important for it. He made false claims that he had permission to operate.

I don't really expect them to follow the California law.