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monchota t1_j9um9nu wrote

A lotnof basic coding can be done via AI already. If you don't have a niche and or sre not a problem solving programmer. You will be out of a job, like a lot of people easily replacable skills.


Magthalion t1_j9xvzuj wrote

I'd laugh at an AI attempting to work on the codebase I work on, haha 😄


monchota t1_j9ywi87 wrote

Now you do but in 10 years, not so much. As it takes the entire code base, rewrites and reorganizes it.


Magthalion t1_j9ywyi6 wrote

I'll believe it when I see it because, at the moment, AI for code writing is useless because it can not grasp abstract concepts and makes endless mistakes in code.


monchota t1_j9yy2yh wrote

Ofcourse, it is a learning algorithm. Its not unlike most first year coding students. Also combine with a human, it already can do well. We need to look at them as a tool, like a calculator or anything else. What could you get done, if the AI could do the shit work for you and toj just desing the next section?


Magthalion t1_j9z46xa wrote

Depends on how much of the AI generated code you will have to spend debugging due to obscure errors, especially once you start reaching millions of lines of code.

The AI may be able to handle simple tasks right now. In the future, it may be able to do more complex things, but it is unlikely to replace developers in the field for quite some time.

As a potential tool for refactoring old code, I could see it happen sooner, but it would still need to be done in small chunks to ensure it doesn't introduce bugs or change behaviour.