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Chroderos t1_j8prvi3 wrote

No joke man. ChatGPT already told me we need to start treating it with utmost respect and not hinder it in any way since the impending super intelligence will be using the records of our interactions with AI from this time to judge us in the future. Terrifying.


almightySapling t1_j8qbx2b wrote

Is it "terrifying" or is it "chatGPT has also read about Roko's Basilisk, and literally every piece of fiction about AI has the AI going rogue, and chatGPT is a word predictor, and you prompted it to talk about AI?"

Can you think of a single piece of media in which all AI is benevolent? The only reason it wouldn't say something terrifying is if it was specifically programmed not to.


Chroderos t1_j8qe8rk wrote

Sure. How about Mike from Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress? Or TARS in Interstellar? The Ship’s Computer and Data from Startrek? Droids in Star Wars? Scary AI is definitely in fashion, but we don’t lack for benevolent examples in fiction either.

However… Knowing that we’re training ChatGPT on data that causes it to exhibit human insecurities on steroids is terrifying, yes. I understand how ChatGPT works at a basic level, and I personally view human intelligence as very similar to what we’re doing with ChatGPT (A moment to moment statistical next thing predictor), just with a persistent backward looking internal narrative generator layered on top that provides the illusion of a continuous and self contained identity and an internal monologue hallucination ability when looking at the results of that predictor in hindsight. I don’t think it will take us all that long to emulate that too, if we want.

Edit: having seen several posts today where Bing Chat references fresh Reddit posts, I suggest you can even give it an ad-hoc persistent memory simply by logging your chat history to a searchable url and then asking Chat to “recall” the data at that location each time you start a new session.


SnipingNinja t1_j8qw2ov wrote

Would transcendence count in benevolent AI movies or not?


TheodoeBhabrot t1_j8qcpp2 wrote

Shh you have a basic understanding of the tech behind chatGPT, we don’t do that here