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NeverNotUnstoppable t1_j8ssns3 wrote

>This isn't sentient A.I. this is a code that spits back words based in somebrules and what it has read before.

And how much further are you willing to go with such confidence? Are you any less dead if the weapon that killed you was not sentient?


Ok_Kale_2509 t1_j8st9ld wrote

Considering how far we are from real A.I. I feel completely safe actually.

Also, please walk me through how Bing will kill me.


NeverNotUnstoppable t1_j8stywm wrote

You are exactly the person who would have watched the Wright brothers achieve flight and insist "they barely got off the ground so there's no way we're going to the moon", when we went to the moon less than 60 years later.


Ok_Kale_2509 t1_j8t05bk wrote

That's the dumbest take I have ever heard. I said in multiple comments in this thread that it could be very different in years. Not even decades. But you implied it can do damage now. That's stupid because it demonstrably cannot.