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Pyrozr t1_j9ljg71 wrote

Tie executive compensation to the lowest paid or the average wage employees. Say a 10x cap. Your lowest paid employee makes $40k /yr, Executives can't make over $400k in total compensation. That's a bit low however, but if you made it based off of average employee compensation excluding VP and above, and it came out to say $80k/yr and made it like 15x you are looking at more like $1.2M/yr. Anyone who thinks $1.2M/yr in salary isn't fair(too low) is punch drunk on the kool-aid.


roo-ster t1_j9k0jpd wrote

This understates the pay ratio since most of the low wage work is outsourced to third party "contractors".


marketrent OP t1_j9jhai3 wrote

Excerpt from the linked content^1 by Paul Kunert:

>Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri was compensated to the tune of $17.36 million to run the company during its fiscal 2022, equating to the average annual pay of 271 employees.

>According to its Annual Report for the year ended 31 October, Neri got a base salary of $1.275 million, up from $50 million year-on-year, option awards of $13.388 million – flat on 2021 – and $2.35 million for a "change in pension value and non-qualified deferred compensation earnings," down from $4 million.

>For those Reg readers yet to work out the average pay for someone at HPE – which we admit might not be among the list of questions to make Jeopardy – it's $64,006.

>"Based on this information, the ratio of the annual total compensation of our CEO to the media annual total compensation of all employees was 271 to 1," HPE says in the 10k filing.

>This was based on roughly 61,987 individuals employed by the organization on August 21, 2022.

^1 Paul Kunert for Situation Publishing’s Register, 22 Feb. 2023,


Ok_Champion6840 t1_j9jlf4t wrote

Do Zaslav now.! They don’t make anything except crappy reality shows.


John_Fx t1_j9n7yuh wrote

this sub in a nutshell. The 1-2% grousing with envy of the 0.1%


TheJadedSF t1_j9kdim4 wrote

Corporate america, full of dumb slime bucket pigs, what else is new?


HackSlashBurn t1_j9l61dj wrote

Right? How stupid do you have to be to clear $17m a year? Total dumbasses.


TheJadedSF t1_j9l9bet wrote

Hitler also made a lot of money, who cares how right! Wealth doesn't automatically = good smart person.