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MetricVeil t1_j9zi2cr wrote

>But Win11 isn't a paid service, so what are you saying?

Perhaps I should have been clearer. Microsoft seems to be transitioning to a SaaS payment model. It won't happen all at once. Products like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) are already moving in that direction.

Cloud services are profitable.


Helgafjell4Me t1_j9zijfk wrote

Yes, but they require an OS to work, I don't think they'll do that to the OS because too many people would probably ditch both the OS and the sub services that run on it.

Edit: think inkjet cartridges... the printers were cheap because they made money on the ink.


MetricVeil t1_j9zo3bd wrote

Whilst the OS, itself, might remain as a one-time payment, the number of in-built components may start to switch to a subscription service - over time.

Microsoft will follow the money.