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This_Recording8424 t1_j9vjdsa wrote

I could only imagine their resumes


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j9wcxzl wrote

"uhhh nothing I can tell you about"


gc9999 t1_j9wlz4j wrote

I signed an NDA


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j9wnc5t wrote

NDA's don't stop you from listing the company/government on your resume


gc9999 t1_j9wnurx wrote

It was an /r/antiwork meme from about a week ago


[deleted] t1_j9yr859 wrote



Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j9zap2y wrote

Realistically, though, it doesn't prevent anything.

The odds of them finding out are very low, and bringing a succesful suit even lower (especially with a 10 year NDA over a school project -- it would be easy to get that thrown out as unreasonable).

They're basically just relying on the fact that most people are good people and will largely follow the rules. It's amazing how much of society depends on that assumption, really.


Karmakazee t1_j9zt8m7 wrote

What amazes me is how many people in society will abide by rules set by organizations who have shown zero inclination to apply the same standards to themselves.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_ja190k7 wrote

Yeah, when it's bullshit like this that's clearly just companies lobbying the government to keep the common man down, I have no problems ignoring it.

Even just basic traffic laws, in my city (Toronto) the cops don't bother with any enforcement except the occasional speed trap. I've heard it's a form of protest on their part that's been going on for years.

Most people still obey most of the time, because it makes traffic flow better and keeps everyone safer. But if I need to turn left during a timed no-left restriction, I don't have a problem doing it. As long as it's not unsafe and I have a decent reason.


spacesuitmoose t1_j9x6s1b wrote

A lot of former Toys R Us employees


BlindWillieJohnson t1_j9xids6 wrote

I feel like this is one of the funner uses of chatgpt.

“Write me a resume based on this experience that DOESN’T include any reference to crime.”


krum t1_j9yelzm wrote

Pen tester is a legitimate skill


bastardoperator t1_j9vt2ua wrote

"I'm sorry Crash Override, we've seen a big reduction in ransomware, data theft, and crypto scams which has caused us to rethink our ways."


Kor3nse t1_j9wi0vx wrote

Work with the best, get laid off like the rest

(Sorry, couldnt resist the pun)


al_996 t1_j9xvur7 wrote

But get laid unlike the rest! ...Hopefully


dwightsrus t1_j9ydxnh wrote

"Its a business decision, nothing to do with your performance. "


HanaBothWays t1_j9vdvhp wrote

Is this about the hacker who did a data dump on his ransomware gang over a pay dispute or something different?

EDIT: okay, read the article, this is something different. But there was a hacker for a ransomware group (I forget if it was Conti or some other group) who basically published all their internal data online because he was upset with the crappy pay and working conditions they imposed on him.


realmastodon2 t1_j9vs20q wrote

Imagine using ransonware on ransomware gangs.


HanaBothWays t1_j9vslot wrote

I bet it’s already happened! There are lots of ransomware gangs and only so many potential victims. Different gangs’ “products” will delete other gangs’ malware. They almost certainly hack each other.


LazyLich t1_j9yx6r3 wrote

Whoa.... it's like how cancers in whales can also get cancer, so you have tumors parasitizing tumors, and so whales live on.


klumze t1_j9wm7d8 wrote

Imagine being upset your don’t get a big enough cut of someone else’s stolen money. This world sucks.


xyzone t1_j9x8ows wrote

>Imagine being upset your don’t get a big enough cut of someone else’s stolen money.

Sounds like Wall Street screaming against regulation.


biblecrumble t1_j9wejss wrote

It was probably for Conti, they had a leak a while ago and what it showed is that they are CRAZY well organized and basically work as a regular business


HanaBothWays t1_j9wf3sk wrote

I think all that stuff having to do with Conti is in the past tense now.

Although like certain businesses do, they may return under a different branding.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j9wd99a wrote

Should have given it to the feds instead, so he could at least get immunity. Unless he's in a country where it doesn't matter...

Even if you're not American, if your government has given you immunity, I don't think you can be extradited for the same crime. Your government would just refuse the request.


A1kmm t1_j9wwzic wrote

Although attributing ransomware is difficult, everything that has been leaked and is public suggests most of the perpetrators are in CSTO (i.e. Russia-allied) countries that actually at least informally encourage attacks on non-CSTO countries. Leaked policies from criminal organisations suggest they generally do not target victims in CSTO countries. CSTO countries rarely have extradition treaties outside the CSTO - no CSTO country has an extradition treaty with the United States, for example. Sometimes authorities do work together when they are aligned despite the absence of a treaty (e.g. Armenia has extradited to the US before) - but that is unlikely to happen for ransomware criminals that only target victims outside the CSTO.

So I don't think they need immunity from their own government, and they don't fear extradition as long as they don't go to a non-CSTO country. Sometimes they do travel overseas and find out that the government tolerance for their activities doesn't extend outside the CSTO.

Data leaks from criminal organisations to non-CSTO governments (in combination with things the governments collect themselves and share) are likely very helpful in ensuring the criminals are likely to be picked up if they do travel.


HanaBothWays t1_j9wevt8 wrote

> Even if you’re not American, if your government has given you immunity, I don’t think you can be extradited for the same crime. Your government would just refuse the request.

Depends which government it is! Some of them absolutely would.


disasterbot t1_j9vfhki wrote

Chat GPT gonna ransomware hospitals now?


HanaBothWays t1_j9vjozc wrote

You say that like it’s a joke but with the API version of ChatGPT, someone with little to no coding experience can produce some really sick malware.

It’s like performance-enhancing drugs for script kiddies.


SujetoSujetado t1_j9w8ncw wrote

I am a malware developer, this is not true as a general rule, malware code outputted by these language models have been subpar even for script kiddies standards (most code doesn't even work or don't do what it needs to do). Demonstration:


deltagear t1_j9wrz7t wrote

The key with chatgpt isn't asking for the whole cake, it's asking for the ingredients.


SujetoSujetado t1_j9x03eb wrote

In the video it is tasked with very specific tasks, not whole cakes, injection is just a portion of what a malware does


HanaBothWays t1_j9w97n0 wrote

Okay. People on forums frequented by script kiddie types have been saying they can get good stuff out of ChatGPT, but of course script kiddies would not know the difference.

The people who write the tools used by script kiddies or those “ransomware as a service” type kits are a different story…


Hydronum t1_j9yb3hk wrote

Well yeah, Chat GTP starts strong, makes stuff up and then dresses it up pretty like.


Kache t1_j9xq1c9 wrote

But it's got big potential in systemizing social engineering attacks.


MacDegger t1_j9wtlk7 wrote

No. they can't.

Chatgpt is ... at best decent for very, very simple methods.

But it is shit for even normal decent programming tasks. Let alone innovative programming.

By fucking design! By the very way it works it CANNOT innovate because it just 'riffs' on what it has seen ... it guesses based on previous input ... and most input is SHIT.

And even if the model was trained on the best input .... by it's very definition of how it works it CANNNOT innovate.



zeldaleft t1_j9wxe2z wrote

You lack imagination and problem solving skills.


MacDegger t1_jaeqw5q wrote


Because that is EXACTLY what ChatGPT lacks! By the very way it functions.


dopef123 t1_j9w906f wrote

Really? Ive never worked on malware but doesn't it typically need some pretty slick ways to inject code?


HanaBothWays t1_j9wabvo wrote

There are two possibilities for this:

One, hook up to a module or service that will inject the malware for you (these absolutely exist).

Two, there are lots of well-known vulnerabilities out there that a lot of people haven’t patched…and ChatGPT may know what they are!

You could prompt it with “write malware like this with a delivery mechanism that uses the top five known exploitable vulnerabilities” (yes there is a list).


beaucephus t1_j9w0bwy wrote

So, with the API they gave anyone the ability to hand ChatGPT a joystick to control an armed drone or something like that?

Just thinking out loud, here...


A1kmm t1_j9wxxff wrote

ChatGPT is a language model, optimised for finding a suitable output text for a given input text. It is trained on natural language understanding an processing - its input is characters, but words, grammar, and basic logic / facts are emergent properties.

It can memorise times tables and solve basic maths problems, but it can't devise an approach to solve larger problems (it can't even add and subtract larger numbers in combinations it hasn't seen before, even if they would be trivial for humans).

None of that makes it very good for tasks like controlling a drone (which would be heavily about image processing) compared to a human.

Other 2010-era developments in AI, such as in the image classification space, for example, would help a lot more for that application.


HanaBothWays t1_j9w34mk wrote

No, that’s not possible (at least not yet).

But you can prompt ChatGPT to write polymorphic malware that escapes existing detection tools and will bounce around the internet and infect any system that isn’t up-to-date on its patches (there are lots and lots and lots of systems like this).


MacDegger t1_j9wtx87 wrote

No, you can't.

Not even idiots who think that way and try to use prompts that way can.

ChatGPT is basically a dumb Clippy autocomplete which by definition cannot innovate.


Atticus_Fatticus t1_j9y63bq wrote

That's not my experience with it. It wrote some really solid GDScript for me which I thought was impressive because it's a very specific programming language.


OsamaBinFuckin t1_j9w5hg4 wrote

I just saw "even hackers are getting laid" and stopped reading and laughed.


littleMAS t1_j9w2yox wrote

21st century mercenaries know their assignments are temporary. However, getting 'laid-off' may have a difference meaning within organized crime.


soIstartBlasting t1_j9wbjtj wrote

Are those really the people you want to anger by firing them?


Zoolot t1_j9xz6e4 wrote

If you let a known hacker work directly in your system you’re a special kind of stupid.

But hey, they’re criminals and nobody accuses them of being smart.


kaishinoske1 t1_j9wfzv0 wrote

Especially all the information they are privy to an organizations’s OPSEC. Because they know they’ll eventually be let go. At that point it’s about what else you can get.


RandomXDXDXDXXX t1_j9xiu9m wrote

We're officially in a recession, normal ppl don't have the money for scammers and hackers take from, the scammers and hackers are just extra mouths to feed in the underground world right now.


Jenetyk t1_j9wzm4w wrote

Well, those quarterly numbers aren't going to fix themselves.


DOGE_lunatic t1_j9xuxwm wrote

wait, they are considering those Indian wannabe scammers as hackers? LoL


splitsecondclassic t1_j9y43mv wrote

take everything you read on that site with a grain of salt. it's not the apex of journalism if you know what I mean.


daj0412 t1_j9wc7s1 wrote

why does this actually make me laugh lol like we’re all really just living the same lives..


Northern_Grouse t1_j9wtge6 wrote

Soon AI will render middle class developers obsolete.


iamComfortablyDone t1_j9xe1tt wrote

Quantum really is the equalizer we thought it would be.


ascendingelephant t1_j9xg6w7 wrote

Makes sense. Russia has to cut back on spending these days because cash it tight.


Nkognito t1_j9xhtqh wrote

Why is this not a movie deal yet? Or at least a parks and rec style show.


DrTomPigy t1_j9xo2k3 wrote

But they aren’t making them share desks. Still a better work culture than Google


DOGE_lunatic t1_j9xuumu wrote

for sure they will open their own consult agency xD


QueenOfQuok t1_j9y3vr4 wrote

Can't get a job anywhere these days


Time_Translator6993 t1_j9ybrv7 wrote

Wouldn't they just go start their own criminal enterprises?


QxSlvr t1_j9yvbuy wrote

Damn the Economy really is in shambles


LazyLich t1_j9yxbjy wrote

The economy is hitting everyone hard v__v


Comprehensive-Sun-78 t1_ja0bxtj wrote

Is it because the hackers refuse to go to the office? I can't blame them. I like a Danny Trejo face in a movie but at my place of work, everyday? f that shit.


Classic_Midnight_213 t1_ja1cqch wrote

TBH the huge number of tech sector job cuts that suddenly seem to be announced daily in recent week’s (by companies who couldn’t recruit new people fast enough a matter of weeks before) was already sounding strange to me. Now I’m being told that scammers are also cutting back on staff numbers as well? The criminals that defraud you, blackmail you to steal your money, why would they cut staff?

Please don’t tell me it’s the new law that might be in place by 2025, or that it’s that new National task force that last year manage to extradite A (that’s 1) man from Poland on charges and it can’t be the economic climate as there’s still plenty if opportunity to scam and steal from people….inflation, interest rates and shop prices don’t impact on their business..


1leggeddog t1_j9vld9a wrote

They are going after each other, nice


No_Cartographer_5212 t1_j9vt7qp wrote

I asked Chat GPT to write a poem for my GF. It wrote that I should write myself. Whatt!