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strugglz t1_j80w1rx wrote

Spending money on vaporware that results in elections being less secure. Of course.


tundey_1 t1_j81a1on wrote

>that results in elections being less secure.

That's their goal. Just like when they say "government doesn't work; elect me and I'll prove it to you".


Car-Altruistic t1_j84xro9 wrote

Vaporware? The technology has existed for literally all of my career and I’m old, they’re actually mandated for things that are a lot less consequential than voting systems. The fact voting machine manufacturers don’t want to use such technology is a bigger problem.

I could literally make a RPi based device that plugs into existing voting machines today and sell you a solution that anyone can track online in less than 4 hours, secure, cryptographic proof that track records of votes as they come in.

As the article says, they can always go back to paper, which has been proposed on every side (D, R and I) when alleging fraud.


_Oman t1_j85s4rj wrote

You didn't read the requirements very well. You only have a partial solution. They specified the impossible.


LurkerNoLonger_ t1_j85wdy8 wrote

You didn’t even read the article you brainwashed child.

You have no clue how stupid you look because you couldn’t do the bare minimum before commenting.



ClownCarnival t1_j80wd5v wrote

Not a good day for Texas taxpayers. First they get to pay out the settlements for their corrupt AG and then this but hey you get what you vote for and you won't have to worry about voting much longer once these guys are done destroying our democoracy.


CakeAccomplice12 t1_j811msd wrote

>Not a good day for Texas taxpayers.

Has there ever been a good day for Texas taxpayers?


Uncast t1_j82ky60 wrote

Yup. You get what the majority vote for…


alieninthegame t1_j82ugdq wrote

I'd like you to meet my friend Gerry Mander.


roboninja t1_j83jnv1 wrote

Not relevant for State elections I am pretty sure? Or is Texas "special" that way too?


GravyDangerfield23 t1_j83oax2 wrote

Not entirely true.

It is still relevant as to how the state legislature is broken down, but yes, it is less relevant. For example, let's say for simplicity's sake that Texas had 4 million Dems & 6 million Republicans, leading to a 40/60 split that we would hope to see reflected in the govt body. If there were 10 legislative seats, each representing 1 million people, we could carve up 10 districts — 1 district that had 900k Dems and 100k Republicans, and the other 9 would all have 344,444 Dems and 655,555 Republicans, leading to an easy 90/10 split for Republicans.


bazzbj t1_j816yyz wrote

They keep voting for the same people 🤷🏻‍♂️


syrynxx t1_j81idk5 wrote

That's how poisonous the word "Democrat" is to people who watch Fox News


darwinkh2os t1_j82pxx8 wrote

> They keep voting for

But do they really? The world may never know.


MC_chrome t1_j83tet5 wrote

The people living in Texas’s largest cities? Not really.

The chucklefucks living in the middle of nowhere? Absolutely


Shavethatmonkey t1_j81b0qq wrote

Don't worry, as the deadline looms Republicans will vote to allow an untested and unverified machine from a company that supports Republicans.


tundey_1 t1_j818fqq wrote

This is what happens when you let morons write your law.


rabb1thole t1_j82gll3 wrote

Texass--the lone brain cell state.


luxmesa t1_j825rev wrote

Okay, so the technology they want is a write-once drive to replace the reusable drives they use to collect results from the voting machines. The idea is that if a drive can only be written to once, then you can guarantee that the data hasn’t been tampered with once it’s been copied from the machine. There’s no evidence that something like this has happened, but even if it had, couldn’t you pull off the same thing by getting an entirely new drive and just swapping it with the real one?


view-master t1_j829yfo wrote

And here’s the thing. The USB drive is encrypted, the paper ballots are locked away and provide a separate record of the votes to compare against. If an election official delivered a USB drive that didn’t match what the actual ballots show(has never happened) they would go to prison. No sane person would try that.


Captain-Griffen t1_j827lsj wrote

  • Write once

  • Impossible to hack

  • Never messes has technical issues

  • Easily verifiable

Sounds like a job for pen and paper.


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8njcdq wrote

Yep, and then complain when the results aren't done that night since it'll all be hand counts.

Sounds like fun.


icky_boo t1_j82i58s wrote

They should spend the money on fixing power problems instead of voter suppression.

Btw the tech they want has been around for decades, WORM drives.


DubbersDaddy t1_j82jyml wrote

Pen and paper are cheap and effective.


C7H5N3O6 t1_j82vv36 wrote

Texas proving that the one star on their flag is actually them showing off their Google Maps rating.


Geass10 t1_j84a5pw wrote

Good thing they voted for another Republican. Feel no sympathy for that state.


cryptoderpin t1_j84knmv wrote

Cool so the TX gov gets to shovel taxpayer money into their friends “voting tech company” and get a sweet, sweet kick back in the form of political donations, on top of making voting less secure.

We know their games yet we still keep playing the game thus allowing this to continue so in the end it’s really all our fault not the fault of them. The beatings will continue until morale improves.


Uncast t1_j82l17x wrote

Good. Keep voting conservative. I wanna see how deep they’re willing to screw themselves just to own the libs


flossypants t1_j835yr0 wrote

Current rewritable drives, either rotating or solid-state, leave behind "ghosts" of what was previously written that would allow forensic experts to detect tampering. This write-once drive is just tweak on that. It also depends on trusting the drive manufacturer not to include a back door allowing a rewrite. It's not a bad idea but addresses something that's not a priority, it's not a panacea, and they're the sorta folk that might not commission something compliant in time. Dominion should get something compliant made and, if no one else does the same, they can demand an unhealthy amount of money as the unique supplier.


Temuma t1_j83esgx wrote

You get a lot of paper and pens with 100M.


Jessica65Perth t1_j83ijxz wrote

Why bother the State is gerrymandered


Geass10 t1_j84a494 wrote

Good thing they voted for another Republican. Feel no sympathy for that state.


littleMAS t1_j858ikw wrote

"A great first step towards rigging elections," GOP.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j85in4d wrote

So Texas Republicans till embezzle the funds and when the equipment they want is invented, will charge taxpayers again.


bareboneschicken t1_j85x3kj wrote

From the voter perspective, the machines we have in Bexar County are the best I've seen to date.


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8ni6j3 wrote

At one time I had a design for a voting system which would address so much, but there's no way I'd bother investing in it when these characters just change the rules on a whim all the time. Sure, I could potentially make huge bank on this deal by replacing machines every year or two, but there's the COGS aspect of that which I don't think is really worth it.


MPenguinGaming t1_j836vde wrote

This article doesn’t name the bill. Also Texas house wasn’t in session in 2021. Only in session every other year. 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022…


xal1124 t1_j85d8qp wrote

Can you cite your source showing that the house is in session during even numbered years instead of odd numbered years?


MPenguinGaming t1_j85jtx3 wrote



xal1124 t1_j85n8p9 wrote

But it’s in session in odd years


MPenguinGaming t1_j85ohhw wrote

No it isn't


xal1124 t1_j85ombh wrote

The Texas Legislature meets in Regular Session for about five months every other year. Regular Sessions begin at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd numbered years and can last no more than 140 days, ending during the last week of May or the first week of June.

That’s from your source


MPenguinGaming t1_j85posh wrote

The Texas Legislature meets in Regular Session for 140 days every other year. Regular Session begins at noon on the Second Tuesday in January of even numbered years.


That's direct copypaste


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8nipwk wrote

It's literally not a direct copy-paste. LOL

>The Texas House of Representatives is composed of 150 members, each elected for a two-year term. The Texas Legislature meets in Regular Session for about five months every other year. Regular Sessions begin at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd numbered years and can last no more than 140 days, ending during the last week of May or the first week of June. Special Sessions may be called by the Governor and can last up to 30 days.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8nvuh2 wrote

Yours isn’t 🤡🤡🤡


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8nwngt wrote

LOL Mine is word for word from the page. Good try though.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8oagvz wrote

Lol mine is literally word for word. Good try though


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8of4sx wrote

Ahh yes trolling away are we? The page says odd, not even.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8ogk3v wrote

You’re the one who’s made a second account and dug back a few days worth of posts to fail again


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8oh2jh wrote

Nope same account buddy. And I’m still correct. odd years. You actually think I’m that other guy? LOL


MPenguinGaming t1_j8oku24 wrote

This convo started before the account repeatoffender21 was made by 1 day


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8olw1d wrote

Well as it turns out that's not the big gotcha you think it is. The thread is older than this account. Big deal. Offended little folks love to report accounts and get them suspended because they think it's funny.

Doesn't change the fact that you are standing on some crazy hill about odd vs even years, changing the text to match your game. But I guess that's what you were playing with the other guy. Not my problem. I saw the comment, it's patently incorrect, so I stated so and showed the evidence. Your beef with the other commenter, fine, go talk to them.

Still wrong about the facts. LOL


MPenguinGaming t1_j8on0h6 wrote

So you admit to using multiple accounts 🤣


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8or31o wrote

Admit to having to create another one? Sure.

Again you don’t have the gotcha moment you think you do. 😂

And you’re still factually wrong, and I’m still not the other commenter. 🤣


MPenguinGaming t1_j8orr3s wrote

Facts show I’m correct. You gonna come back with a new account in a few days?


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8ot9g7 wrote

Ahh see but the facts do not.

I can go to the Texas legislature link you posted and it backs up it’s odd years.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8ou8cd wrote

But yet it doesn’t


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8oyq8p wrote

LOL I’ll give you credit for the troll. The text I posted awhile ago comes from the “about us” page. Answers it.

But hey, you keep sticking to being wrong.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8oyxso wrote

You fail at life and trolling


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8oza4o wrote

LOL weak effort on your part.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8ozxkb wrote

Yes you are


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8p4ahe wrote

Ahh makes sense you’re what, 12? Seems right.

No originality. Still wrong. LOL


MPenguinGaming t1_j8p4qxa wrote

You keep admitting to me being correct


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8pabwl wrote

You do wish that were true. Oops you’re still wrong.


MPenguinGaming t1_j8paop9 wrote

Keep crying


RepeatOffender21 t1_j8payp5 wrote

You’re doing enough of that for both of us. I’ll pass.

Oh wait I bet you think you’re an “alpha” too….hilarious.

You sling what you think are insults and righteous clever burns but you’re the guy who posted to AskReddit and then deleted it… “Why are people on Reddit so hurtful”.


Run along now.


Vulcan_MasterRace t1_j8102ly wrote

I think the tech exists today where we can vote from our phones, tablets and computers.


tundey_1 t1_j818t64 wrote

There's really no reason to make something as important as voting be subject to the lax security on personal electronic devices. And we don't need it. The expansive use of mail-in voting during the COVID presidential election in 2020 is proof that measures like early voting, no-excuse vote-by-mail etc are good enough.


kmfstudios t1_j8183zp wrote

It most certainly does not and that's the easy part. It'll take decades to get all the states to agree on a common system.


ElectricGears t1_j82u5vx wrote

From a fundamental information theory standpoint, it's can't exist*. For secure voting you need to identify the voter and ensure the voter's ballot is included in the final count. The real problem is that you have to do it in a way that not even the voter can identify their ballot in the list of counted ballots. This is necessary to prevent coerced voting. The only way we can do this is by putting ultimate trust in some part of the system. The primary goal when designing voting system is to make that trusted part as small and as simple as possible. All the things you would need to do to make this is work over the internet is diametrically opposed to both those criteria.

That said, you can absolutely design a very inexpensive, easy to use, secure, computerized voting system if you wanted to. It consists of terminals powered by an Arduino, a basic LCD screen and cheap thermal printer. You can have whatever ballot layout (along with any assistive technologies) and the voter makes their selections electronically. The printer prints a voter-verifiable ballot using the same ballot that is mailed to absentee voters. It's put in the same box as the other votes. A scan and counting machine power by another Arduino counts the ballots and displays the number of votes for each candidate/measure.

Ultimate trust is placed in the code and hardware of the counting machine. While that is fairly complex, it is entirely possible to verify it's operation to a reasonable degree of certainly. If you really wanted to be sure, I could design a counting circuit out of fully viable mechanical relays. Plus you can always just hand recount or run them through machines from a different manufacture.

* Theoretically something called homomorphic encryption might be able to solve this, but we have no working implementation and it massively violates criteria number 2.


R_Meyer1 t1_j833hoe wrote

If you can do your taxes online, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t vote online not that we actually need it, though.


xal1124 t1_j85cofy wrote

With all the complaining of fake votes, dead people voting, etc., do you think that people would go for voting by phone? People barely know how to construct a password more than 8 characters long. People would have their voting accounts accessed by others, and people would vote for them.


R_Meyer1 t1_j869xgp wrote

No, I don’t think voting by phone should be allowed, but if you can do your damn taxes online, you should be able to vote online as an added option to the already in person and by mail options. Voting by mail was never a problem until jackass Trump.


Shavethatmonkey t1_j8dn700 wrote

It does. You can do banking from your phone, we have MFA, etc. The state could have a voting app.

But the Republican party opposed mail in voting and passed 240 bills to make voting harder for citizens. They will never support easy electronic voting.