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My_reddit_strawman t1_j8thk13 wrote

isn't this blatantly illegal? fight for your rights, fired tesla workers!


psychothumbs OP t1_j8tjfwm wrote

Totally illegal, but unfortunately the NLRB who are charged with enforcing those laws have been deliberately crippled in terms of the penalties they can impose. Or more accurately, they are not allowed to impose any penalties, the most they can do is restore a worker to their prior position with back pay (minus any money that worker made in the meantime).

In conclusion, repeal Taft -Hartley


saanity t1_j8v0t1c wrote

Gotta love that the American government is owned by corporations. Between that and Citizens United, what is the point of government? We are just taken advantage of slowly becoming slaves.


Bringbackdexter t1_j8vbzt1 wrote

What’s concerning is no one is thinking about where this leads. A dystopia where the rich rule with an iron fist and their word is law.


Socky_McPuppet t1_j8wboqb wrote

> What’s concerning is no one is thinking about where this leads.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Conservatives have not only thought about where this leads - they're the ones leading the charge.

> A dystopia where the rich rule with an iron fist and their word is law.

Yes - and they're fucking salivating.


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8wenmj wrote

I'm a progressive, but this is a much worse situation than just the Republicans.

The democrats held both houses of congress for 2 years, during an unprecedented era of unionization, and they didn't do shit to help then....

People were unionizing at some of the largest corporations on earth (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.) And our "liberal" party just sat there.

Where was Biden, Harris, Pelosi, etc. When they were unionizing the Amazon factory in NYC?

Why didn't they pass ANY legislation to help them? They didn't even make a fucking speech!

Then, the Biden administration spit in the faces of those railworkers, and wouldn't even give then a measly 7 days of sick leave.

We have 2 conservative, anti-worker parties in our 2-party system.

I wish it was just one party, but working class Americans literally have to overcome both parties in our political systems and i don't even know how to go about that.

Corporations have us check-mated.


BarrySix t1_j8wi12f wrote

This is exactly how US politics looks from outside the US. You have a right wing party acting in the interests of the rich and a more right wing party acting in the interests of the rich and being a bit more militant about it. The far right party are always screaming at the right-wing party for being left-wing extremists.

Plus the whole "woke" thing which serves as little more than a distraction from the fact that the entire political system is biased towards the new lords and masters.


regalrecaller t1_j8x0phj wrote

What people don't understand is that this is simply the neoliberal economic theory as adopted by both major political parties.


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8xd4jr wrote

This is exactly why Noam Chomsky spent his entire career attacking "liberal" parties in the US and Europe.

Conservative parties are allowed to entertain the entire spectrum of the right from moderate to far right ethnonationalists

While the liberal parties act as a limit for how left you can venture.


BILLCLINTONMASK t1_j8wgg0j wrote

Republicans are a man running at you with a knife saying "I'm going to stab you." Democrats are a man saying "I'm your friend" before stabbing you in the back.


MonitorPowerful5461 t1_j8wh74j wrote

No, they’re someone saying “I’m your friend” and hesitating to give you the knife.

Biden recently passed legislature increasing funding for the NRLB, the organisation dedicated to prosecuting illegal union-busting. That is not much yet, but it’s important help, definitely not stabbing in the back.


xabhax t1_j8wkspr wrote

He gave funding to the nrlb, and didn’t give them the power to impose penalties? What good is money if they can’t impose fines?


MiaowaraShiro t1_j8wvejp wrote

"I don't understand the limitations of the executive branch."

Because he literally can't. It requires legislation.


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8xdi3k wrote

...the democratic party held both houses of congress.

They didn't pass worker reform

They didn't pass judicial reform

They didn't pass election reform

They didn't pass weed decriminalization

They didn't end qualified immunity

They didn't end gerrymandering

Seriously, we all went out there and voted the democrats into power in 2020, we gave them both houses of congress, and we got NOTHING.

I just can't believe people are still this naive. You saw it with your own eyes!


MiaowaraShiro t1_j8xe23u wrote

OK, but we were talking about Biden specifically.

I get your frustration and I feel it too. However you're being imprecise in who you blame.

If you want to blame anyone for lack of legislative progress look at Manchin and Sinema. If you think those two represent the party as a whole you're going to have a hard time with me taking you seriously.


[deleted] t1_j8xj0ef wrote



MiaowaraShiro t1_j8xybkf wrote

You're aware that right now, he's the President, right? And right now is what we're talking about?


[deleted] t1_j8yg54z wrote



MiaowaraShiro t1_j8yh62v wrote

No, you're putting words in my mouth...

I'm saying that if you want to change the law, appealing to Biden, in the executive branch, isn't going to get you very far.


ron_fendo t1_j90fsiw wrote

This, i said the same thing during the 2016 election, Trump was a wolf and we all knew it, Clinton was a wolf dressed up like a sheep and only half of us knew it.


IvorTheEngine t1_j8xhaea wrote

That's the nature of a two party system. You get more votes if you position yourself fairly close to the other party. That way you get a bigger share of the 'middle of the road' voters.

If the democrats were any more left-wing, they'd get fewer votes.

You don't get to vote for someone you like, just the party you dislike least.


teeny_tina t1_j8wnvx1 wrote

ah yes the both sides are the same argument. you dressed it up more convincingly than the usual suspects do tho so kudos for that.

edit: simplified my comment


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8xdy75 wrote

Who said both sides are the same?

You built that strawman, genius.

The democrats are socially liberal, but economic conservatives.

The Republican are socially conservative, and economic conservatives

We don't even have the option for economic liberals

Stay stupid, I don't care. I can't educate you if you won't open your eyes.


Financial_Pie5350 t1_j8xpzw5 wrote

The reason Democrats don’t do anything about things they claim to care about like crime, working people, or the Dreamers when they’re in power is that they only pretend to care about those things for votes. Successfully, I might add. In reality, they are taking in more in campaign money from large companies than the Republicans are. They are just better liars.


evolving_I t1_j8vh4zq wrote

Pretty sure I played that Simpsons game on Gameboy back in the 90s


Saneless t1_j8wlm08 wrote

Worse, the people who will be most affected negatively cheer it on and vote for people who support it


blibblub t1_j8wr71b wrote

Nobody cares because a ton of people own tesla stock and care about their stock more than what’s good for the country


callmekizzle t1_j8vkcfq wrote

Some old German guys warned of this like 250 years ago I think they even wrote some books about it. I think they said the rest of working class people should band together and seize the means of production? Or something like that? Maybe it was seize the means of induction? They old and dead now so Idk maybe I’ll look it up later.


Cyathem t1_j8wgn7c wrote

Oh yea, I think some places ran with that idea. I can't remember the details, but I think things went south pretty quickly. I think a few people died here and there.


callmekizzle t1_j8wi3ca wrote

Oh yea where? sounds crazy.


Cyathem t1_j8wm2xk wrote

I can't recall where but I do recall at least a few mustaches. Searching through notable mustaches might turn something up.


Gommel_Nox t1_j8ye1ua wrote

Oh yeah I think I read that book in high school but it was really short so I don’t remember it


peepee_longstonking t1_j8vei7y wrote

That is the point of government, to extract wealth from the masses in relative safety using a claimed monopoly on acceptable violence.


BarrySix t1_j8wii6v wrote

It's "monopoly of violence". "Acceptable" doesn't come into it.

It's literally the thing that defines government.


caligaris_cabinet t1_j8vrusz wrote

You know, if aliens invade tomorrow I’m just gonna side with them. Can’t be any worse than the people currently running this planet.


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8wevyc wrote

Who needs aliens?

Let's just round up all the politicians and oligarchs ourselves?

We outnumber them 10,000-to-1

Lock the doors to every bank on Wallstreet, and burn it down with them inside


BarrySix t1_j8wibv6 wrote

There was this wonderful phrase in 1984 that went something like "The proles could overthrow the government as easily as a horse shaking off fleas, yet they don't."


xabhax t1_j8wkzdq wrote

We made this cage we are now trapped in. We put these people in power, we allowed them to constantly go against our best interest. Make no mistake, we have no one to blame but outselves


BarrySix t1_j8xd3ke wrote

The US electoral system is designed to be two party. That's a problem too.

Washington warned clearly and repeatedly against political parties.


Gommel_Nox t1_j8ye7es wrote

You’re suggesting we… Take up space on Wall Street? Wait, take up isn’t the right phrase let’s use “occupy.“


SalaciousCoffee t1_j8vlo96 wrote

The government serves those that pay for it's service.

That's it.

You join government through an election, the election is one of the costs to do business with government.

Folks pool their money and get fractional interest in pokiticians, but they spread it across all of them so they will lean one way or another.

No money? No power.


peaeyeparker t1_j8w6how wrote

And just the other day Taibbi and Rogan defending Musk against the cancel culture with there is no legitimate argument that Musk is a conservative. Fuckers are bought and paid.


Cyathem t1_j8wh200 wrote

I love when people express their opinions on something, then when people disagree they assume that the other person is "bought and paid for".

Nevermind that these people are on a first name basis and have personal relationships. This would be like me telling you my friend is left-leaning (based on knowing them), and you telling me they are far-right and I'm "bought and paid for" because you read a blog. That's just a stupid argument to make. You have no idea what you are talking about.

I actually skipped over that podcast, but now I need to listen to it because people keep bitching about it. But that's just par for the course, I guess

Edit: I listened to the podcast. At 2:00:00 they discuss exactly this and make the same point I am making.


mrGeaRbOx t1_j8wmgld wrote

I'm sure you have a tighty little perfect explanation for why musk was hanging out with Rupert Murdoch at the super bowl too?

Totally innocent! totally out of context! it's all of YOU who are mistaken!!!


Cyathem t1_j8wmqg3 wrote

Actually, I did recently comment on that reddit post. I'll find what I said, just for special little you.


>My first thought was that he is isolated from liberal figureheads because they don't want to be seen with him since he is hot in the media right now, and then he is also extremely wealthy so that is going to mean he ends up in a certain area with a certain VIP status. The only people he could interact with are probably these types. I don't think him and Murdoch go golfing or have late night chats. But who knows.


mrGeaRbOx t1_j8wn81g wrote

You think there's some sort of large shared skybox between all the billionaires? Like you don't understand that these are individual suites with an entrance and security that you would need to be invited to?

It honestly reads like you think that musk just strolled in there because it was the path of least resistance.


Cyathem t1_j8wz4fu wrote

Are you under the impression that people with exceptional means are in the same circumstances as the rest of us? Do you honestly believe that these hyperwealthy people are not segregated from the general public? That seems extremely naive.

And again, do you think Musk would enjoy being surrounded by liberal figureheads? Or do you think they might be pretty shitty to hang around with, to keep up appearances? Would you voluntarily go into the room of people who hate you and/or refuse to be seen with you?


alien_ghost t1_j8y7ahu wrote

If you share a skybox with someone else, it means you share the exact same political beliefs and motives. /s


peaeyeparker t1_j8wiclo wrote

You accuse me of having “no idea what I am talking about.” And your the one that didn’t even listen to the podcast I mentioned? Union busting is a conservative last time. Wtf fuck are you even talking about? There is no other way to interpret it.


Cyathem t1_j8wlznd wrote

Implying that the podcast (that doesn't even have Musk in it) is the lynchpin of "understanding Elon Musk" makes you look really disingenuous.

I'm sure we could comb through your political opinions and find conservative opinions. Does that make you a conservative? Or does that just make you an individual with nuanced opinions? How many conservative opinions is a "liberal" allowed to have before they get their membership revoked? Fewer than you? The same as you? That would be convenient.

Edit: oh, would you look at that. I listened to the podcast and at 2:00:00 they start discussing the topic of labelling people as one thing or the other based on one data point. In fact, they basically repeat my argument.

Edit2: typical. Asked a question they don't like their own answer to, so they just leave.

How many conservative opinions is a "liberal" allowed to have before they get their membership revoked by you?


peaeyeparker t1_j8yofeh wrote

The amount of effort people go through to defend Billionaires is unbelievable. I just can’t understand why you would even try.


Cyathem t1_j8yq463 wrote

I love the low effort you put into your dismissals. Can't even respond to a single, direct question.

It's as simple as I don't make unnecessary assumptions about people I don't know, especially when it's based on what I read on social media. Some people prefer to take the first thing they read and then run around shouting it at everyone. To each their own, I suppose.


mrGeaRbOx t1_j8wm2j6 wrote

Didn't Obama try to expand Union power by passing card check Nationwide?

Why don't you delineate between who in the government is doing what you're saying and who is trying the opposite?


xfactor6972 t1_j8wqisw wrote

What sucks is that makes some good products here in the US but treats it’s workers like shit. In Musk’s eyes and the rest of the billionaires we are just surfs there to make them wealthier. I wanted a Tesla Power Wall for my solar system but I’m not going to give him my money. It’s the only power we have.


alien_ghost t1_j8y80pc wrote

> but treats it’s workers like shit.

I haven't heard that. I've not seen anything that indicates Tesla is any worse or having any issues that other organizations its size also have.
Car factories are generally pretty good as far as factory work goes. Pay at Tesla is competitive.
I'm sure it's not a worker's paradise but I've seen nothing that indicates Tesla treats its workers like shit.
Amazon? Sure? Meat packing plants? Absolutely. If you have any evidence of Tesla being particularly bad I'd like to see it.


xfactor6972 t1_j916ilp wrote

Well I have read a few articles , one about how an employee at California car plant was harassed by the management and sued and won. Another about how Tesla took over a ford plant and paid it’s worked considerably less than when they worked for Ford. I sure the reason being is that Ford is unionized and Tesla is not.


alien_ghost t1_j91mogf wrote

Tesla workers are paid about the same as UAW workers are. Could be a bit less in some cases, could be more in others. Paying someone slightly less is not mistreatment. Is it surprising that companies that have grown fat selling gasoline powered cars with huge subsidies for decades can pay more than a start up?
As far as disagreements between the management and the worker - do you really think Ford and GM have never been sued for mistreatment by any employees? Any company with 100,000+ workers will have instances of management mistreating workers. That's an unavoidable part of organizations run by humans.
Going by that criteria, there aren't many car companies you could buy from from in good conscience. And any idea that the Big 3 in the US are good companies just because they are unionized doesn't hold up to scrutiny.


Mammoth-Pain-358 t1_j8zv0br wrote

Where's the proof that Amazon treats their workers like shit? I know people who work for Amazon and they have no complaints.


MiaowaraShiro t1_j8wv6mm wrote

Not corporations. Rich selfish sociopaths... There are people who make these decisions who have names and addresses.


Shrink21 t1_j8yezfr wrote

That's what happens when people think they only got 2 parties to choose from. BTW: they are more similar than they would want you to think


[deleted] t1_j8wfk9x wrote



psychothumbs OP t1_j8ws99g wrote

Yeah the current Board is the best we've had in many decades and is trying to get creative about working around the restrictions, but as you can see in that article they're still in the rulemaking stage, after which the new proposed penalties will have to survive court challenges - not easy under this SCOTUS.


professorDissociate t1_j8wv6hy wrote

What the fuck? Minus any money they made in the meantime?! That literally disincentivizes working.


daj0412 t1_j8wde2g wrote

that’s wild… cannot impose penalties..? who else is going to penalize the company for breaking the law…


psychothumbs OP t1_j8wsct8 wrote

Well for other laws there's sometimes actual enforcement, but yeah labor laws are not really enforced in America.


[deleted] t1_j8ttxyd wrote

He’s probably trying to get sued so they can appeal all the way to scotus and get whatever result they want. Slavery is in the future.


cjdugthy t1_j8tibka wrote

That would imply that the general populace understands that we as individuals hold all the power. But they've been conditioned to believe that as an individual we can't change anything.


alien_ghost t1_j8y8j92 wrote

As individuals it is difficult. That's why we organize our labor and vote in blocs instead of staying home during the primaries.


ExoticSalamander4 t1_j8u7uo6 wrote

Financial consequences of blatantly breaking the law * (1 - chance that they can make it a big enough pain in the ass to sue them that no suits go anywhere) < cost of workers unionizing

I wonder what class that shows up in in a business major


garlicroastedpotato t1_j8urtip wrote

Yes. Well, yes but sometimes no.

They're not allowed to organize a union drive in a manner that disrupts a regular work flow and they're not permitted to do it at work.

But an employer can't fire someone the second they start talking about unions. Evidence here shows they didn't do it on the clock.


myne t1_j8vuliu wrote

It's in NAFTA 2.0 that trump passed.

Literally in a treaty.


Avalanche2 t1_j8wcp9y wrote

Yes, if they are fired for trying to unionize it's illegal. Problem will be that Tesla is likely collecting a bunch of info on every worker, like internet activity and clock in/out times, etc etc. The official firing will be for violation of some written policy.


inflatableje5us t1_j8wq4he wrote

Tesla will pay a small fine and continue taking lessons from the likes of Walmart and Amazon.


asianApostate t1_j8x7yr3 wrote

Yes, if the title were true. It appears that Tesla has identified low performing workers and warned them months ago late last year. They were finally fired right before the union was organized and only 1 of 27 were later identified to actually be part of the union. None of the union organizers were fired either. Tesla's lawyers just announced this and they would have serious repercussions if they lied about this and did not have proveable memo's.

If they were targeting union members they would have done a better job targeting them. It looks like they actually only removed low performing workers that were slated for removal through the warning process already.

We are falling for clickbait articles here because we love to hate Tesla/Musk.


alien_ghost t1_j8y6vzq wrote

It is, which is why I highly doubt that is what happened. There's a lot of transition going on at the Buffalo plant. I would not be surprised if there are people being hired and fired.
But like the Fremont factory, there may be a few workers pushing for unions but it is unlikely they have made many inroads. Not enough that Tesla would be that worried.
Plus they aren't that stupid to do something blatantly illegal, would think. You get rid of them for other reasons and at least try to make it look like it's not a reprisal.
And I'm kind of doubting this source.


ZetaPower t1_j8vxzcw wrote

Unfortunately the press and anyone can scream anything.

Before you fall into this rabbit hole, check Teslas response.


FreakiestFrank t1_j8uwmjx wrote

Not showing up to your job and getting fired? Don’t know, I’d assume you could but never thought about it. Doubt it’s illegal though


-fumble- t1_j8wls9z wrote

Not illegal at all in most states. If you're willing to be part of a union, I'm going to assume you suck at your job. You can be fired for sucking at your job at any time.


[deleted] t1_j8w7fmd wrote



Monte924 t1_j8wenyw wrote

It us illegal to fire someone for trying to form a union. That’s why companies will instead INVENT other reasons to fire them regardless of whether or not its true


xabhax t1_j8wle1s wrote

Wouldn’t they be able to sue for wrong ful termination. There would have to be a paper trail of all those people be low performers for this to be legit. And I highly doubt that every person who want a union was a low performer.


[deleted] t1_j8wn1q5 wrote



Monte924 t1_j8wsqvc wrote

You just don’t want to admit that corporations HATE unions and will do whatever it takes to prevent them from forming


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8wg09x wrote

Lol, oh, Tesla say all the unionizers are just low performers?

....and why would they lie? Why would they try to get you to hate the poor workers just trying to secure better working conditions for themselves?

Jesus, when the richest man in the world called you up for duty in his class war, you suited up REAL quick.

How about instead of having solidarity with the richest, most powerful, and morally corrupt man on the planet, why not have solidarity with the rest of the working stiffs?

You don't know a single fucking thing about Elon, you have absolutely nothing in common with him. But those Tesla workers are the same 9-to-5ers that your parents and grandparents were.


HAHA_goats t1_j8weqoh wrote

If you take the company's word for it, no company ever does any wrong.

Tesla already has a poor track record for how they treat employees, do I'm inclined to distrust their defense.


RamblinSean t1_j8weuyk wrote

You do know that anti-union companies identifying likely union organizers prior to drive announcements is practically step 1 of the anti-union playbook right.


1leggeddog t1_j8tned6 wrote

Elon can afford breaking the law by firing these workers as it will cost him less in the long run then letting them unionize

"When the penalty for a crime is a fee, the law is for poor people"


Long_Raspberry1068 t1_j8u45op wrote

Yeah. Let's just sit here and praise the billionaire Elon. Fuck the workers and their workers rights.


HoneydewInMyAss t1_j8wgegl wrote

It's so weird the number of people who would side with the richest man in the world, over a bunch of 9-to-5 mechanics and machinists

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Like, Elon Musk hangs out with Saudi Royals and Media Oligarchs line Rupert Murdoch.

It's just so fucking insane to me how anyone would side with him over the laborers in his factories, doing the same jobs that their parents or grandparents did.


Brief_Profession_148 t1_j8wmr7v wrote

Most of those online supporters are bots and the ruling class and their sycophants. I don’t think the majority does but they aren’t as vocal online.


mdhunter t1_j8wnj1e wrote

It’s at this point that the old saw about “temporarily-embarrassed millionaires” usually comes out, in that these people don’t want to be subject to the same regulation when they get rich.

But, I just think people don’t know what benefits unions brought to their parents and grandparents. If they’re like me, they’ve lived through the era of corrupt unions, and think they’re just schemes to make a select few rich. They don’t see that, done on the up-and-up, a union can make a world of difference in pay and working conditions. I’ve come to see it through my partner, whose life became much better doing union work.


alien_ghost t1_j8y98op wrote

I'm more thinking the source isn't the best and also thinking Tesla would be a little less blatant if they were doing something like this. And less illegal.
There are sneakier ways of doing it.


moofishies t1_j8wzqz3 wrote

Who is praising him? The person you responded to is pointing out what the issue is, not saying anyone is right for taking advantage of the issue lol. Are you a boy responding to the wrong comment? Maybe you just didn't actually read the comment you replied to or your reading comprehension is so poor you didn't understand what you were reading?


Plastic-Duck-1517 t1_j8uzfbq wrote

Like it’s going to cost him anything. He has faced zero consequences for everything else he’s done. Securities fraud? No biggie. Calling a person a pedo and hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on them, just another Monday.


Latinhypercube123 t1_j8ubvvy wrote

Elon Musk is a pig


brewstah t1_j8wo8cf wrote

Hey let’s not sully the good name of pigs by comparing them to a creature like elon


RorytheRamen t1_j8v45g9 wrote


NightlyRelease t1_j8xyyju wrote

Get out of here with this information, Elon Musk is a POS, so any negative information involving him is automatically true and does not require fact checking.

But seriously, it's a genuine issue, if you say a bad thing about a bad person nobody will care to investigate if it's true because why would you "defend" a bad person.


usdrpvvimwfvrzjavnrs t1_j8vcfgq wrote

It's no surprise that the worst employees would be the ones to want to unionize.


bingojed t1_j8vmwlc wrote

It was only one of them according to the response.


Miserable-Put4914 t1_j8vloi9 wrote

Billionaire’s continue to take advantage of their workers. It’s disgusting.


Wowowiwa69 t1_j8wo8o9 wrote

This article is misleading. The layoffs were planned before the 27 employees filed to unionized. Out of the 27 employees, only one got fired. The rest were not even trying to unionize, it was due to poor performance reviews.

Read more about it, because this misinforming articles are disgusting.


Rude-Opinion-3711 t1_j8tr7b9 wrote

Pretty sure Elon/Tesla haven't even been fulfilling their obligations to the State of NY for the Tesla facility in question. They're supposed to hire X number of workers by Y year for this facility and they're nowhere near meeting the numbers.


[deleted] t1_j8tuiws wrote



[deleted] t1_j8v3qem wrote



[deleted] t1_j8v3ui1 wrote

I’m not saying that but I am saying he’s a flaming bag ‘o poo stuck to our shoe


-SkarchieBonkers- t1_j8vrjy1 wrote

His mouth-breather lapdog fanboys read this and just think hustle harder and I too will be rich like silver spoon daddy


TapesIt t1_j8vs81c wrote

Geez, if this is what the LLM in your brain generates in response to the title, you should take a break from the internet. Disconcerting.


-SkarchieBonkers- t1_j8w3wr6 wrote

Hustle that hustle life, bro


TapesIt t1_j8w5c9u wrote

I play and make games all day, don’t “hustle”, have never owned Tesla shares, and was sad to hear about Elon buying Twitter. I don’t think I’m part of whatever demographic you are so vehemently against.


mrGeaRbOx t1_j8wobpq wrote

Then why are you so invested in responding?


TapesIt t1_j8wsg6f wrote

To be clear, my comment wasn't a pro Elon comment at all, I was just pointing out that you sounded like an unhinged chronically online redditor, and that it would probably be good for your mental health to move to a cabin in the woods for a few months. Enjoy the sun and fishing. I don't have a dog in this reddit-vs-the-rich fight one way or another.

As for my investment in replying, it's fun I guess? What else is there to do when you're not hustling all day?


mrGeaRbOx t1_j8wsx01 wrote

I conduct environmental research for a living. I spend all day in the woods. I think I actually need more time indoors. Your assessment is grossly inaccurate and frankly a tired trope at this point.


TapesIt t1_j8wu38n wrote

Respect. And now you sound like a normal person again. Nevertheless, I imagine you didn't learn to talk about mouth-breathing lapdogs and hustling and silver spoon daddies from the squirrels.


CaterpillarAny8669 t1_j8u6ez6 wrote

Nothing new here, corporate slave owners at their natural habitat


CunningCapy t1_j8u6ijp wrote

Tesla isn't dumb. I'm sure their HR consulted their lawyers and evaluated the risk.

But I'm positive that benefits of the chilling effect sacking a few pro-union employees had were far greater than whatever pittance they would pay to the NLRB and those employees were to Tesla.

Think of how expensive a union drive would be to a company that's already plummeting in value. I don't think the NLRB can just step in and shut down a company either.


xabhax t1_j8wljdl wrote

Elon doesn’t strike me as a person who thinks his actions through. Seems more of a shoot from the hip kinda person.


CunningCapy t1_j8wmkgi wrote

I said "Tesla" and not Elon intentionally. If he's got enough bandwidth to be the CEO of several companies, he's not really involved in any of them. Plus his current shiny thing is getting more people on Twitter to see his posts.


Space-Dust-One t1_j8vxjql wrote

What's the zealots response to this ? How are they defending high priest musk ?


psychothumbs OP t1_j8wslh1 wrote

Seems to mostly be "don't challenge your boss, if you want to be treated better just quit and hope you can find a better job"


dandrevee t1_j8ttrsf wrote

Thr podcast "Capitalisnt" had an episode interview (came out today, i think) of an author who wrtor a book on democracy and capitalism that is likely relevant here.

Though, given Musks a) questionable actions in the last as a company owner and b)appearance with Murdoch at the super bowl and also c) behavior in regards to Twitter, it is unlikely he cares about egalitarian govt or a fair, regulated market


DekiEE t1_j8u2lyl wrote

I’m quite certain I don’t need to read a book to make that assumption. Dude is a capitalist autocrat - he is Capitler


dandrevee t1_j8udkz3 wrote

Well, no, but its always good to have additional sources and get support for assertions


Young-Rider t1_j8wa0zz wrote

Elon is such a cool guy, isn't he? At first he forces Twitter employees to work under inhumane conditions, now he shoots at unions again. He may have some cool ideas, but he's just as bad of an asshole as bezos and other billionaires.

Let's hope that he'll fall on his face with that bs.


xabhax t1_j8wlndz wrote

Inhumane conditions? Let’s be honest. Inhumane conditions is working in a coal mine, not working at twitter


fallbrook_ t1_j8wygdf wrote

more proof of why it IS needed. fuck the apartheid benefitting nepo baby and all that simp him


myspeakers12345 t1_j8wxhh9 wrote

Of course he’s afraid of a union, he’d have to treat his workers with respect and dignity, something impossible for a person with only one eye and it’s looking at himself


pjx1 t1_j8x9mxy wrote

“We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering. They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob."

― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Yuri_Ligotme t1_j8w4ik4 wrote

The unionized Tesla workers in Germany should strike for retaliation


InGordWeTrust t1_j8uucts wrote

Elon fights for the every man...

To work in his Dad's emerald mine.


whyreadthis2035 t1_j8v0eli wrote

Can you spell DeLorean? Maybe one will be used in Back to the Future 6


Happypappy007 t1_j8v4okm wrote

Go Union! Unionize Tesla and twitter and everyone one of musk’s business.


KingGidorah t1_j8vl1rh wrote

Illegal… shut them down


cosminstef92 t1_j8w1zrp wrote

When daddy sees its field slaves calling for a mutiny, that’s when it’s time for severe punishment.


Brief_Profession_148 t1_j8wmfco wrote

Elon got that Emerald mine mentality. He treats workers like slaves as far as he can get away with.


enno64 t1_j96kkln wrote

They will have fun in Germany


Aiku t1_j8ugpk3 wrote

"It was about this time that Boss Hogg came up with an idea to deal with all them uppity workers..."


[deleted] t1_j8v892l wrote

Isn’t that illegal


shyneeup t1_j8v8d89 wrote

Main thing to do is to disincentivize this kind if behavior by stop supporting the company and brand. Stop buying Teslas don't go work there if you have other options


vanhalenbr t1_j8vqek7 wrote

How Tesla and Elon can get away with it? It’s illegal.


sykora727 t1_j8vijxo wrote

This deserves jail time. Fines are just fees for wealthy companies.


SeVeNwasd t1_j8wg6fa wrote

Freak coincidence, got really unlucky


boydingo t1_j8wmpgb wrote

The beatings will continue until moral improves.


ARTISTIC-ASSHOLE t1_j8vs72j wrote

I’ve already decided Polestar or Mercedes is where I’m going for EVs so screw you Elon


Trpdoc t1_j8xq76y wrote

Fuck around and find out


deemahn57 t1_j8w5q2g wrote

That should cost Elon the company... Oh and a severe spanking,


ClassicYotas t1_j8vf8og wrote

They should have kept that drive as silent as a Tesla.

I’ll see myself out.


Mammoth-Pain-358 t1_j8zulzr wrote

It's not illegal. Tesla is an "at will" employer. They can fire you at anytime with no reason. You agree to this when your hired.


BraidRuner t1_j8w9b4n wrote

Elon Musk plays hardball why are people surprised this is all part of the billionaires playbook.Concern for the worker stops at the point that it begins to approach equitable payment. They operate on 'more for me less for thee' Its long past time that the workers were given a share in the prosperity they create as a matter of principle.


Best-Road-2605 t1_j8wdjpa wrote

It’s not illegal, it’s not their company. Don’t like where you work leave. If the company is a bad place to work it will fail if not it will thrive and all the noise will be found out to be false.


jsonh88 t1_j8urula wrote

This is misinformation. When will this sub stop accepting false reports just because you hate Elon?

There is a false allegation that Tesla terminated employees in response to a new union campaign. These are the facts behind the event:

Tesla conducts performance review cycles every six months. Employees receive a performance rating from 1 to 5 in each cycle that helps them calibrate their work with the expectations of their job. In the worst case, if an employee fails to meet their performance expectations they will be let go. This review process takes place globally, including in North America, Europe, China, etc. It is not localized to Buffalo. The most recent performance review cycle was from July 2022 through December 2022. On December 13th, 2022, managers across the company received a communication regarding the review schedule. This included information noting that exits for low performers would start the week of February 12, 2023.


DanielPhermous t1_j8uz8g3 wrote

Not entirely sure a blog post from Tesla is exactly an unbiased source as to the true state of affairs.


alien_ghost t1_j8yd8w7 wrote

Agreed. But the same thing goes for In These Times, truly a respected new source. /s


DigitalOsmosis t1_j8w8a7v wrote

Targets may have shifted, but the global annual review process claim would fall apart really quickly if not true. If there was an annual review process going on, the public announcement of a union effort between performance reviews and actions following those reviews is more then a little suspicious.

Is you knew you were on a performance improvement plan (corporate for "you are about to be fired, we just need documentation"), and knew how much the internet hates Elon, this headline wouldn't be too hard to generate.

If Tesla has the receipts, fuck these guys. If Tesla doesn't and this was actually retaliatory, fuck Tesla. There will almost certainly be lawsuits to figure this out.


InGordWeTrust t1_j8uuwlf wrote

I'll trust him more when he stops union busting, selling cars that are being recalled because they don't self drive as sold as, and not buying a Twitterverse then fully opening the door on hate speech while banning people for telling others to wear a mask.

"But my Elon~"


cawclot t1_j8v0tp3 wrote

Did you really source the Tesla website for allegations against them? Really?


GaIIick t1_j8v4fkv wrote

It’s not like legit reviews and firing pro-union individuals are mutually exclusive. The ones that would benefit the most from unionizing would be the ones in danger of failing their PIP’s/scoring poorly in successive reviews.

I do note the guy said he was told he was “exceeding expectations” but that may have been a lie from either party involved.


Sudden_Reality_7441 t1_j8visbj wrote

Where is that blog post from? …

It’s from Tesla. MY. GOD.

That’s not a trustworthy source at all, especially considering they’re the accused in this scenario. Let the people who have degrees in this stuff investigate it, yes?


jeffyoulose t1_j8v58f0 wrote

Unions will never work if AI can replace jobs. The better move will be to work for the competition.


[deleted] t1_j8vn9hw wrote