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ShawnyMcKnight t1_j8vb4cp wrote

The Apple OS is their justification to charge $3000 for a computer. If someone can just buy an HP and throw Mac OS on it that is going to hurt their computer sales.

Also Apple will be slowly dropping support for Intel. They have moved their entire line over at this point so in another 4 years or so they will announce no support for Intel on their OS. They will market it as a good thing like they did when they dropped G4 and G5 support in OS 10.6.


PierG1 t1_j8wx4cm wrote

When they were Intel based it was, now with the M series heir hardware is literally unmatched as of right now.

There is nothing on the market with the same performance/Wh + build quality, and their prices are even fair compared to other manufacturers.


rsta223 t1_j8xitzi wrote

There are absolutely other options with comparable or even better designs and build quality, and the M processors are only unmatched at low power points because that's literally what they're designed for (low power efficiency without major concern for die area).