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krum t1_j8u2a6p wrote

So I can run Win11 on an M Mac but not on my i7-7700k?


Willinton06 t1_j8uoxny wrote

If you keep bitching we’ll forbid it on Lenovo PCs but only on weekends, be grateful


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j8vadvr wrote

It’s frustrating because my motherboard supports TPM 2.0 and I have it enabled but they still won’t support it. I have a 6600k.


Flakesy t1_j8wjw0e wrote

Are you sure? There are some additional things you have to have enabled like secure boot. But it should totally run on the 6600k.


bawng t1_j8wlsvt wrote

I've been running Windows 11 for a while, and it's a serious productivity killer compared to 10 so it's not that big of a loss for you.


PMzyox t1_j8uqucm wrote

I mean win 11 has been working fine in parallels on my M1 for almost a year now, so what, Microsoft just said they are ok with it?


PerpetuallyOffline t1_j8uruip wrote

I took it to mean that they're saying they'll never make a build of Windows that will work with Boot Camp.


EnvironmentalWind403 t1_j8usao8 wrote

IIRC Boot Camp on Apple silicon isn’t a thing.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j8v9x97 wrote

That’s what they are saying, Microsoft doesn’t intend to make a version of windows that will boot natively on Apple silicon.


PerpetuallyOffline t1_j8usejj wrote

True, but Apple insists on installing it on every Apple Silicon computer anyway.


StruggleBus619 t1_j8vosbc wrote

You might be thinking of Rosetta 2, the emulation app Apple uses to emulate/translate x86 Mac software. Apple Silicon Macs do not currently have Boot Camp on them.


PerpetuallyOffline t1_j8xmn67 wrote

That is correct. I was confused by the existence of the Boot Camp Assistant app.


happyscrappy t1_j8vg6pj wrote

What? I'm on an Apple silicon computer right now. Where do I see boot camp installed?

Disk utility doesn't show any boot camp partitions.


PerpetuallyOffline t1_j8xmeq0 wrote

Sorry, I just meant the Boot Camp assistant app. It's odd that it exists when it's completely non-functional.


PierG1 t1_j8ww6i5 wrote

The app exists, but it’s not functional. You can’t natively install windows so if you open it it just says “no”


happyscrappy t1_j8x04nt wrote

Oh yeah, I see it. That's not really boot camp though. Boot camp is not an app. That's just the setup app.

The app is fully Apple Silicon native too, which is odd since as you mention, it doesn't anything except quit.


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_j8vin7b wrote

doesn't Microsoft have an exclusively contract with Qualcomm meaning they can't make it work with Boot camp till the deal is over?


StruggleBus619 t1_j8vpds0 wrote

Correct, as far as I know that is still in place for some unknown amount of time. Alongside that initial report about the deal from 2021, was info that Microsoft was working with Qualcomm and MediaTek on chips for ARM based Windows PCs. When ever Microsoft decides it's ready to launch and move forward with those is when i think the deal will magically end and Windows for ARM will be open for manufacturers to run wild with.


vlad_0 t1_j8v7zhi wrote

Is the performance abysmal ?


hrc70 t1_j8wlsla wrote

No, it's native.

> The Arm version of Windows running under Parallels


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j8vb88m wrote

It’s gotta be.


fatalexe t1_j8ww353 wrote

Runs faster in virtualization than any other ARM64 windows laptop booting natively. So surreal to run windows 11 on sidecar with iPad Pro. Wish they let you run virtual machines on the iPad natively.


Confident-Parks-3021 t1_j8v0eic wrote

Can Apple Please allow MAC OS on laptops.


DanielPhermous t1_j8v9uw8 wrote

They tried that a long time ago and it cost them a lot of money so they dumped the program.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j8vb4cp wrote

The Apple OS is their justification to charge $3000 for a computer. If someone can just buy an HP and throw Mac OS on it that is going to hurt their computer sales.

Also Apple will be slowly dropping support for Intel. They have moved their entire line over at this point so in another 4 years or so they will announce no support for Intel on their OS. They will market it as a good thing like they did when they dropped G4 and G5 support in OS 10.6.


PierG1 t1_j8wx4cm wrote

When they were Intel based it was, now with the M series heir hardware is literally unmatched as of right now.

There is nothing on the market with the same performance/Wh + build quality, and their prices are even fair compared to other manufacturers.


rsta223 t1_j8xitzi wrote

There are absolutely other options with comparable or even better designs and build quality, and the M processors are only unmatched at low power points because that's literally what they're designed for (low power efficiency without major concern for die area).


[deleted] t1_j8t5xk0 wrote