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quest-to-know t1_ja8b2ro wrote

What could possibly go wrong


MrStayPuftSeesYou t1_jac813b wrote

"Target is known smuggler"

"Analysis show one or more of my computer chips is via his shipments"

"Target is friend"


sweetmorty t1_ja9bwns wrote

This seems like something adversaries with enough financial backing could avoid by wearing cosmetic masks. Gait analysis might also be part of the surveillance though.


snewz404 t1_ja8bljs wrote

Fails spectacularly.


QuestionableAI t1_ja8p8o3 wrote

A brand new death from above coming to your community.


IMCIABANE t1_ja9g4nx wrote

I cant wait until this is deployed domestically so i can be shot by the new bushmaster™️ 30mm autocannon by the rainbow flag colored raytheon hexapod robot because it determined that my value produced/consumed threshold is too low/high and then does a social media check and found out thay i used "gay" as a derogatory insult once when i was 14 and then summarily sentences me to death after an onboard AI judge built into the machine finds me guilty

Manmade horrors beyond our comprehension


a_vitor t1_jabq41k wrote

thank god. we were all worried the US was gonna stop the unchecked killing of black and brown people in mineral rich countries in order to pillage them under false pretences of spreading democracy.. but no, they r still at it. carry on.