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Rexia2022 t1_j9yk3f6 wrote

I doubt that very much. It takes a lot of qualifications that they don't have to understand the internet.


CocodaMonkey t1_j9ynnuf wrote

Depends what you mean by understand. It's currently looking like they are stepping back and going to say it's not for them to decide. That's a form of understanding. Although it seems weird to me to write this headline since they haven't actually done that yet.


AdmiralClarenceOveur t1_j9zgppf wrote

Safer to say that some of the octogenarians are aware of their own limitations and the slowness of the judicial process when compared to the legislative (such as it is).

I doubt any single member of either chamber could differentiate their ass from a UDP datagram, but so long as they're willing to acknowledge their lack of experience and lean on experts, we should be fine.

Nothing to worry about as long as one party doesn't become explicitly anti-technology and begins taking actual pride in their ignorance while attempting to solve complicated problems with simplistic (re incorrect) folksy wisdom designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


547610831 t1_j9ys6c1 wrote

I mean this is a far left media outlet saying something positive about a right leaning court which is certainly interesting.


Ok-Attention-3930 t1_ja0ij2w wrote

The Atlantic is far left? Seems more like long-form liberalism with progressive cultural values.