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t3hmau5 t1_j980d7t wrote

This is not gonna go anywhere


Reasonably_Bee t1_j9793ej wrote

hmm like a digital version of the dieting diary where you track all situational factors every time you eat. I can see some merit, but I'd be curious what their customer base would be and who would actually fund them to scale?


PC_AddictTX t1_j9askij wrote

Tracking data is never going to help anyone quit. A person has to want to quit badly enough, and even then they need help sometimes like patches or nicotine gum. Data may be nice for scientists but it's useless for individuals. I am lucky - I have very strong willpower. When I decided to quit (a very long time ago) I just did it. It definitely wasn't easy but I am an incredibly stubborn person. I will not let anything or anyone beat me.