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LowGradePlayer t1_jadztjx wrote

Steal or copy?

What fantasy are you living in?

Who care how they get it, they are the worlds largest economy and their kids are all coming outta school as match and science genius whereas our kids still struggle with pronouns.

They have the US in the rear view mirror.

Any advantage we may have is just legacy and will soon evaporate.

We are lucky they don’t make cars, yet.


waffles350 t1_jae2d9r wrote

They're not the largest for one, let's get the record straight on that. They steal IP like it's their national pastime, without the West supplying innovation and buying their cheap shit their economic successes are going to evaporate. Combine that with their demographic collapse and it just looks kinda dumb for you to say all that...


payeco t1_jaem7ql wrote

Lay off the propaganda my friend.

Also, China does make cars… They have for decades….


PicardTangoAlpha t1_jae1ld0 wrote

>Largest economy

Largest? Largest GDP? How much is that?


The only thing where your claim is true is largest insecurities and biggest ego. 🤡

Taiwan has very little to worry about.